Saturday Morning


When an animal, a rabbit, say, beds down in a protecting fencerow, the weight and warmth of his curled body leaves a mirroring mark upon the ground. The grasses often appear to have been woven into a birdlike nest, and perhaps were indeed caught and pulled around by the delicate claws as he turned in a circle before subsiding into rest. This soft bowl in the grasses, this body-formed evidence of hare, has a name, an obsolete but beautiful word: meuse. (Enticingly close to Muse, daughter of Memory, and source of inspiration.) Each of us leaves evidence on the earth that in various ways bears our form.

Sally Mann, from Hold Still: A Memoir with Photographs


Notes: Photo: Merry Magpie Farm. Quote: Brainpickings

Rhythm. Cadence. Synchronicity.


Source: weheartit

Some days, some days…


…you just need to hug a giant bunny.

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Monday Morning Wake-Up Call: Breakfast! Omnomnomnom…

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