No errant spy balloons flying here — U.S.S. in Pursuit (VOLUME UP!)

Eric Kanigan flying drone. U.S. Sully in hot pursuit. Florence + the Machine on “Dog Days are Over!”

Wally’s Great Adventures (70)

hello friends, wally here. i’m sorry for being away so long. my friend ray from nashville sent me an email and he said it looked like dad dumped me, and that he’s fallen in love with something called a cigaret, or signet or some stoopid white fluffy thing. i thought about that and it all made sense and would explain why i kept asking dad to borrow his laptop and he wouldn’t let me. he must have been sending love notes to his cigaret. and, oh, just when you think it couldn’t get worse, mom dropped me off at the vet, who shaved my paw, stuck me with a needle, and then everything went blurry and I was out. when i got up, i looked down and i was missi’g my ballies! and it hurt so much down there. i was so shocked to see they were missing that I must have passed out again. when i got up, mom and dad were waiting but dad said he couldn’t bear to look. i asked him how did he think i felt, and he just shuddered. then we came home and mom said that i had to wear a plastic lampshade on my head. and i had to agree with dad, i looked like a circus monkey and dad refused to let me wear a lamp on my head. vet also said that i couldn’t jump and run too much for two weeks, TWO WEEKS! dad said no almost-show-quality dog of his would be off the grid for 2 weeks and interrupt training…but for a few days i’m resting, taking short walks with mom and going on car rides with dad. so that’s it for now. Wally.

The A-Team

Wally and our grand-dog Sully.

Our Frenchie Brothers.

Top image is a photo from March 5, 2023.

Bottom image is a wonderful painting by Carol Tamplin, commissioned by our great friend Jan.  What an amazing gift Jan! Thank you.

Wally’s Great Adventures (69 – VOLUME UP)

hello friends, wally here. dad’s show quality dog training continues. hmmmmm. dad’s been taking me out for nature walks, which is nice and all, except both days we went it was pouring rain, and i was scrambling to keep up to him as he walks really fast. my belly (undercarriage as dad calls it) wouldn’t even clear the giant puddles so i was sopping wet. dad told me to stop complaining and keep up or a bear will eat me, which sounds frightening. somewhere along the line dad missed the memo that frenchies are in-door lap dogs. dad said enough hiding behind mom’s skirt and its time to start training on how to look fierce and scare bad people. so i’m working on that, as dad says i couldn’t even scare a little kitten, which wasnt nice. that’s all for now. nap time. have a great weekend. Your Scary-Wally.

Wally’s Great Adventures (68 – VOLUME UP – Walk of Life!)

hello friends, wally here. we went for a walk at woodland park yesterday. wow, so many things to smell and do. i met some new friends including a black newfoundland, she was GIANT, but so friendly. dad said i have a lot of show quality training to do as i wasn’t that good at jumping from rock to rock or crawling over logs. dad told mom to stop babying me, and let me figure it out. i love mom, and dad walked away mumbling ‘she just can’t help herself.’ i’m so glad mom can’t help herself, whatever that means. have a great sunday. Wally.

Wally’s Great Adventures (67 – VOLUME UP – Puppy Love!)

hello friends, wally here. sorry for not keeping up with my posts. i’ve been sort of distracted. i met a new friend (dad calls her my girl-friend and he says that i’m smitten). her name is ‘betty-white’, and she’s so cute. dad said she’s a dachshund mix. i don’t know about this ‘mix’ thing but she’s a mix of all the most beautiful things. and dad no longer calls me The Low Rider because Betty can run right under me with even having to bend her head. and she can motor. don’t tell dad that i really like Betty because he’s already saying that she’s a distraction from Show Quality Dog Training…that’s all everyone. have a great sunday.

Head-Over-Heals-In-Love, Wally. 

Wally’s Great Adventures (66 – VOLUME UP – The Waiting!)

hello friends, wally here. dad told me the easter bunny was coming this weekend. i had no idea it was so small, and that it made funny noises. dad made me wait to say hello, its so hard to wait. and then dad said i mauled the poor thing but what did he expect me to do with bunnies with his show quality dog training demanding that I hunt down vermin. my bff sully is over this weekend so i don’t have a lot of time to chat. have a great weekend.

Your Rabbit-Hunter Wally.

Wally’s Great Adventures (65 – VOLUME UP – Help Me!)

Hello friends. Wally here. I had my first ever bath. No more words. Horror! Help Me! Have a Great Easter.

All-Clean Wally.

Wally’s Great Adventures (64 – VOLUME UP – Call 911!)

hello friends, wally here. BIG news today. i went for a walk with mom, and a neighbor asked what was wrong with my paw. (i couldn’t walk on it because the thorn was so pokey, it weally hurt.) mom panicked because she hadn’t noticed, she picked me up, rushed me back home, and called dad to the rescue. i was wiggling in dads hands while he held me, i was so scared because mom had this shiny steel pokey thing that looked like a giant needle. mom performed surgery and eric took all the photos, for the official record in case of malpractice. i’m all better now, but i’ve been giving mom and dad my super sad eyes all afternoon and getting so many treats. dad also cancelled show dog training. what an amazing Sunday its been. have a great day! Wally.

Wally’s Great Adventures (63 – VOLUME UP – Pelé)

hello friends, wally here. big day. dad found a soccer ball at Cove Island Park this morning and brought it home. i overheard him tell mom that i don’t fetch worth a sh*t and maybe i can make some happen with a soccer ball – – i barked at dad and said fetching is for idiots, and he should try it. anywho, dad said i ran down this soccer ball like A Boss, and his training is paying off, and there’s hope for me yet. he gave me so many extra treats today, which made me so happy. he said we’ll go at it again tomorrow after i rest up. have a great weekend. Wally-Pelé.

Wally’s Great Adventures (62 – VOLUME UP – Zoomies!)

hello friends, wally here.  i haven’t posted in a while, dad wouldn’t let me use his computer all week, said he didn’t have time for my malarkey, whatever that means. went to the vet today, weighed in at 17 lbs! the nice ladies at the Vet gave me so many kisses. they whispered to mom that they didn’t think i would get any bigger, but they couldn’t be wronger with dads’ show dog training and our snackin’, dad said i am going to be HUGE. mom just shakes her head but dad’s right, i can’t wait to be as big as Sully. dad said i should share eric’s show quality dog video on my zoomies, so you can see Dad’s excellent training in action. that’s it for now. have a great weekend.  Wally.

Wally’s Great Adventures (61 – VOLUME UP – I Can See Clearly Now)

hello friends, wally here.  beautiful day in connecticut today. like almost the first day of spring, 61 °F and toasty warm.  sunshiny day with exception of dad (a large dark cloud) who started his ‘eliminate all sugar from his diet” day after his doctor visit…he mumbled something about total bullsh*t, and don’t eat margarine, don’t eat salt, wrong, wrong, and now no sugar. to distract him, we decided to haul the outdoor furniture from the basement to the backyard. i helped a lot, dad said, by staying the h*ll out of the way. i’ve never had a spring day in my short puppy life, but if this is what’s to come, wow, wally is pumped. have a great sunday.  Wally.

TGIF: Wally’s Great Adventures (60 – VOLUME UP – IT’S BEEN A LONG WEEK)

Wally’s Great Adventures (60 – VOLUME UP – IT’S BEEN A LONG WEEK) hello friends, wally here. no funny stories today. no rants on dad and show dog tricks. no cutesy 70’s tunes to wrap this vid. just rest. and yes, i sleep with my eyes open. and yes, i sleep on my back and snore like mom. TGIF. yours truly sleepy Wally.

Wally’s Great Adventures (59 – VOLUME UP – I’M HUNGRY)

hello friends, wally here. been playing with Sully for 2 days, and i’m gassed!  and you know, when you work hard and play hard you get really really hungry, right? well, there’s no breaking the rules in this house, 3 meals a day, 7am, noon and 5pm, and no deviations.  and 1/3 of a cup of puppy chow for each meal, and it has to be level to the top and not heaping. i love mom but she’s a meany-cat and immovable. just look at those pics of me, i’m withering away and you can see my hip bones. this is a dangerous situation. so i decided to share with mom Pearl Jam’s tune “Hunger Strike” so maybe she’d get it or i’m going on a no-more-cute strike. will keep you all posted. have a great evening. yours truly hungry Wally.

Wally’s Great Adventures (58 – VOLUME UP – I had a lot of things to do today but…)

hello friends, wally here. decided rather than telling you all about my adventures, i would share lyrics from a great song by Gunnarolla titled “I Took a Nap” that captures my day…here we go: “I had a lot of things to do today / But you know what I did instead / I took a nap / It was a very good nap / That email / I took a nap / Zoom call / I took a nap / What about your lunch plan / I (ate lunch then) took a nap / House chores / I took a nap / Home workout? / I took a nap / Bath time? / I took a nap… / I woke up from the nap to get things done / But you know what I did instead / I took a nap / It was a very good nap…..” have a great sunday. Wally.

Wally’s Great Adventures (57 – I want it ALL)

hello friends, wally here. mom and dad keep all my toys in my toy basket, sorry baskets, plural, as there are two now. i have to dig down and around to find what I want, it’s kind of a pain and it takes so much time, so i drag the baskets around the family room, and then as dad says, i shake the cr*p out of the basket like i’m some sort of animal, and then i try to dump them all out to find just the right toy. dad said he’s exhausted from picking up all my sh*t and maybe i could pick up my stuff after i’m done. but why put them all back in the basket when i’m just going to dump them all out 5 minutes later. i don’t get it, and he said he didn’t either. Have a great weekend. Wally.

Wally’s Great Adventures (56 – Workin’ 9-5)

hello friends, wally here. i started my morning being an apprentice banker, and it didn’t end well because…oops dad told me not to share it with all my lady friends on social media as they are so over-the-top sloppy wally lovers, whatever that means, so he sent me out to do yard work with mom. mom said i am the best yard dog ever. i love mom, (and dad only because he gives me so many snacks.) Have a great evening. Wally. #frenchie #frenchbulldog #pet #dog #funny #wally #cute

Wally’s Great Adventures (55)

Wally’s Great Adventures (55 – VOLUME UP) hello friends, wally here. after my tummy aches earlier in the week, which led to 2 vomiting episodes @ 2:30 am which dad called the release of “a toxic chemical bath” all over the bed – – several of my girlfriends on FB suggested that maybe we should try snacking on carrots rather than the scat in the backyard, ‘nasty scat’ is what dad calls it. my girlfriends are so smart. i don’t have tummy aches any more, and i just love carrots. they are so sweet. dad says my poopie now looks like little bitty orange popsicles, and mom says leave it to dad to go over-the-top on snacks. just wanted to thank all of you, and if you have any more tips for snacks, all beef sausages would be amazing, tell dad, please! have a great weekend. Wally.

Wally’s Great Adventures (54)

hello friends, wally here. i’m missing Sully so much after he left. naps and night time without my bro-bff just aren’t the same. speaking about night time, my tummy has been a little upset lately, 2x around 2:30 am my tummy starts to girgle, and then up it comes, brown gunk all over the white duvet cover and then mom rushes me onto the floor where i finish my business. and then mom yells at dad saying that he might get out of bed and help so she can clean up the mess, and dad says just leave it, he’s not getting up, ’he’s exhausted’, he doesn’t mind sleeping ‘in it’ and ‘its not so bad’. mom fires back, ‘are you kidding me!’ so mom takes care of the bedding, dad takes me outside where its freezing cold, and he’s not happy (again) and says that good boys don’t be puking on the bed. and i should stop eating scat and dust bunnies and other crap because i was cutting into his sleep time, cutting into the few hours of sleep that he manages to get in, and he cant be walking around like a zombie all day. i don’t know what a zombie is but it doesn’t sound good. anywho, we all get back into bed, my tummy feels better, i cozy with mom, she loves me and doesn’t yell at me like dad, and there’s dad mumbling about not being able to sleep, and he’s staring bug-eyed reading something on his light box. that’s all for tonight friends. Wally.

Wally’s Great Adventures (53 – “you’ve got a friend in me”)

(VOLUME UP) hello friends, wally here. big day. its the weekend, and my big brother came to visit. dad’s fun and all (note to self – show training can get a bit long in the tooth, but that’s ok, he means well). sully and i wrestle, play tug-o-war with my toys, play outside, go for walks with mom, and then we take long naps together, have snacks, and then i cozy with sully between mom and dad at night when we go sleep. sully’s leaving in a few hours. i will miss him. have a great night everyone. Wally.

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