Wally’s Great Adventures (66 – VOLUME UP – The Waiting!)

hello friends, wally here. dad told me the easter bunny was coming this weekend. i had no idea it was so small, and that it made funny noises. dad made me wait to say hello, its so hard to wait. and then dad said i mauled the poor thing but what did he expect me to do with bunnies with his show quality dog training demanding that I hunt down vermin. my bff sully is over this weekend so i don’t have a lot of time to chat. have a great weekend.

Your Rabbit-Hunter Wally.

Up early. Excited it was Friday.


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Some days, some days…


…you just need to hug a giant bunny.

And, if you just need to see more…check this out:

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Easter Bunny is Here!


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Monday Morning Wake-Up Call: Breakfast! Omnomnomnom…

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