Wally’s Great Adventures (59 – VOLUME UP – I’M HUNGRY)

hello friends, wally here. been playing with Sully for 2 days, and i’m gassed!  and you know, when you work hard and play hard you get really really hungry, right? well, there’s no breaking the rules in this house, 3 meals a day, 7am, noon and 5pm, and no deviations.  and 1/3 of a cup of puppy chow for each meal, and it has to be level to the top and not heaping. i love mom but she’s a meany-cat and immovable. just look at those pics of me, i’m withering away and you can see my hip bones. this is a dangerous situation. so i decided to share with mom Pearl Jam’s tune “Hunger Strike” so maybe she’d get it or i’m going on a no-more-cute strike. will keep you all posted. have a great evening. yours truly hungry Wally.

Wally’s Great Adventures (58 – VOLUME UP – I had a lot of things to do today but…)

hello friends, wally here. decided rather than telling you all about my adventures, i would share lyrics from a great song by Gunnarolla titled “I Took a Nap” that captures my day…here we go: “I had a lot of things to do today / But you know what I did instead / I took a nap / It was a very good nap / That email / I took a nap / Zoom call / I took a nap / What about your lunch plan / I (ate lunch then) took a nap / House chores / I took a nap / Home workout? / I took a nap / Bath time? / I took a nap… / I woke up from the nap to get things done / But you know what I did instead / I took a nap / It was a very good nap…..” have a great sunday. Wally.

Wally’s Great Adventures (57 – I want it ALL)

hello friends, wally here. mom and dad keep all my toys in my toy basket, sorry baskets, plural, as there are two now. i have to dig down and around to find what I want, it’s kind of a pain and it takes so much time, so i drag the baskets around the family room, and then as dad says, i shake the cr*p out of the basket like i’m some sort of animal, and then i try to dump them all out to find just the right toy. dad said he’s exhausted from picking up all my sh*t and maybe i could pick up my stuff after i’m done. but why put them all back in the basket when i’m just going to dump them all out 5 minutes later. i don’t get it, and he said he didn’t either. Have a great weekend. Wally.

Wally’s Great Adventures (56 – Workin’ 9-5)

hello friends, wally here. i started my morning being an apprentice banker, and it didn’t end well because…oops dad told me not to share it with all my lady friends on social media as they are so over-the-top sloppy wally lovers, whatever that means, so he sent me out to do yard work with mom. mom said i am the best yard dog ever. i love mom, (and dad only because he gives me so many snacks.) Have a great evening. Wally. #frenchie #frenchbulldog #pet #dog #funny #wally #cute

Wally’s Great Adventures (55)

Wally’s Great Adventures (55 – VOLUME UP) hello friends, wally here. after my tummy aches earlier in the week, which led to 2 vomiting episodes @ 2:30 am which dad called the release of “a toxic chemical bath” all over the bed – – several of my girlfriends on FB suggested that maybe we should try snacking on carrots rather than the scat in the backyard, ‘nasty scat’ is what dad calls it. my girlfriends are so smart. i don’t have tummy aches any more, and i just love carrots. they are so sweet. dad says my poopie now looks like little bitty orange popsicles, and mom says leave it to dad to go over-the-top on snacks. just wanted to thank all of you, and if you have any more tips for snacks, all beef sausages would be amazing, tell dad, please! have a great weekend. Wally.

Wally’s Great Adventures (54)

hello friends, wally here. i’m missing Sully so much after he left. naps and night time without my bro-bff just aren’t the same. speaking about night time, my tummy has been a little upset lately, 2x around 2:30 am my tummy starts to girgle, and then up it comes, brown gunk all over the white duvet cover and then mom rushes me onto the floor where i finish my business. and then mom yells at dad saying that he might get out of bed and help so she can clean up the mess, and dad says just leave it, he’s not getting up, ’he’s exhausted’, he doesn’t mind sleeping ‘in it’ and ‘its not so bad’. mom fires back, ‘are you kidding me!’ so mom takes care of the bedding, dad takes me outside where its freezing cold, and he’s not happy (again) and says that good boys don’t be puking on the bed. and i should stop eating scat and dust bunnies and other crap because i was cutting into his sleep time, cutting into the few hours of sleep that he manages to get in, and he cant be walking around like a zombie all day. i don’t know what a zombie is but it doesn’t sound good. anywho, we all get back into bed, my tummy feels better, i cozy with mom, she loves me and doesn’t yell at me like dad, and there’s dad mumbling about not being able to sleep, and he’s staring bug-eyed reading something on his light box. that’s all for tonight friends. Wally.

Wally’s Great Adventures (53 – “you’ve got a friend in me”)

(VOLUME UP) hello friends, wally here. big day. its the weekend, and my big brother came to visit. dad’s fun and all (note to self – show training can get a bit long in the tooth, but that’s ok, he means well). sully and i wrestle, play tug-o-war with my toys, play outside, go for walks with mom, and then we take long naps together, have snacks, and then i cozy with sully between mom and dad at night when we go sleep. sully’s leaving in a few hours. i will miss him. have a great night everyone. Wally.

Wally’s Great Adventures (52 – “Born to Run”)

Wally’s Great Adventures (52 – VOLUME UP – BORN TO RUN) hello friends, wally here. big day. its the weekend, and you know what that means, dad’s training sessions to become a world class show dog. and, i had extra lessons during the week to (a) ‘unravel all of moms softy training,’ like spiraling backwards he said, and (b) due to last week’s disaster, ‘disaster’ as dad described it, with not a whiff of exaggeration, calling me ‘a poor excuse for a Canadian, shivering like a hairless chihuahua, tip toeing in the snow, and running into mammas arms after like 3 minutes, sad, sad as sh*t’ he repeated. so he taught me how to be respectful to others, how to be polite, how to be passive aggressive whenever there was conflict (he must have failed that lesson, disaster, that’s what i would call that), and finally the need to become a good ice skater. he said i was not half bad on the canadian training, and coming from dad, that’s like a miracle. and then dad took me outside for more training. and what i show i put on. dad’s hands where like beet red from the cold snow balls he was rolling and tossing. but, he said, and first a moment of silence here to let this sink it, ‘dad said i was just incredible. like olympic caliber snow ball chaser.’ olympic star! did you hear that?!? could that have been a tear i saw from dad before he turned away? could dad have been that proud? wow. let’s see THAT again. have a great weekend everyone. Wally.

Wally’s Great Adventures (51)

Wally’s Great Adventures (51) hello friends, wally here. mom went to run errands so i was helping dad work. i figured if i could stare at dad long enough maybe he would get off the phone and play with me. he told me if i was good for 20 minutes, just 20 minutes, he would give me some treats. 20 minutes is like forever. so while i waited for dad to get off his stoopid call i decided to chew on the black stringy cords, and that made dad very unhappy, and he told me to stop that. i then decided to check out the back of dad’s desk, i put my paw on top of something dad calls a home-pod, which then turned on loud blaring music, and dad whispered to me, ‘wally, i’m begging you, please stop.’ then i banged my head on the big screen, and started chewing on the corner of the computer tv, and dad’s eyes went bug-eyed and he said ‘that was that, i had to get down, and i was a super bad boy.’ just then mom came home, i was so happy to see mom because working with dad was no fun at all! have a good evening everyone. Wally.

Wally’s Great Adventures (50 – ‘let it snow’ – VOLUME UP)


Wally’s Great Adventures (50 – ‘snow day!’ – VOLUME UP) hello friends, wally here. i woke up this morning to see the world painted white. amazing! magic! like cottonballs all over. dad came back from his walk and i helped mom and dad clean the driveway. mom said that i was an excellent helper. dad smirked and looked at me and said ‘what are you doing?’ ‘what do you mean dad?’ ‘what are doing walking on your tippy-toes, and shivering like a little kitten? do you know you are canadian?” and dad told me that while i’m sharing my Great Adventure stories across the internet, to tell all you nice ladies out there he had nothing to do with me going out without my coat on. i told mom that i love her but i hate those stupid itchy jackets and i won’t put them on. and after all that fresh air and running on and eating the cotton balls, i took the world’s longest nap. so good. have a good evening everyone. Wally

Wally’s Great Adventures (49 – ‘yakety yak’ – volume up)


Wally’s Great Adventures (49 – ‘yakety yak’ – VOLUME UP) hello friends, wally here. mom bought me a yak cheese bone that she said came from Nepal, wherever that is. dad overheard that and said what? you paid how much for what from where? mom asked dad if he was hard of hearing, and repeated that it was a yak cheese bone from Nepal. dad said it might be a cheese bone, but there’s zero chance it’s coming from a yak or from Nepal, and likely coming from some con man milking goats in new jersey. i didn’t know what all that meant but this man from New Jersey makes great cheese bones. tgif everyone. Wally

Wally’s Great Adventures (48 – ‘mission not impossible’)

(VOLUME UP on VID). hello friends, wally here. all week i’ve been watching dad give sully a peanut butter snack, and what do i get, absolutely nothing. my 10 kazillion smell receptors go wild for that peanut oil smell but dad said no treats until i shape up, and get on the road to show quality, and at the pace i’m going that could be years from now, with my lack of discipline and mom, the world’s biggest softie. that wasn’t nice at all so i barked at dad, and when he left to go upstairs i decided to take matters into my own paws, and i reefed on the towel that was inside sully’s crate, dragged it out, and licked the tiny little morsels of peanut smear that sully left on the towel. i have to say it tasted so good, that little bitty amount of peanut butter, and next time to show dad, i’ll drag that entire crate around the house until i can flip it open on its back…desperate times call for desperate measures. happy monday everyone. yours truly, your peanut-butter-yearning Wally.

Wally’s Great Adventures (47 – ‘learning to fly’)

hello friends, wally here. BIG DAY. BIG. as you know, today dad was on a mission to execute his show-quality-training regimen, whatever that means. dad said we couldn’t take naps or horse around eating sticks and scat, and we wouldn’t be running and hiding behind mommy, this was serious business. dad also said absolutely no tennis balls for sully, at which point sully fell to the ground, rolled on his back and wailed like a baby. mom yelled at dad and said that he wasn’t training, he was bribing, and he’s drained most of the dog food. anywho, you just have to see dad’s last training session. (VOLUME UP ON THE SLO-MO VIDEO.) this was my first ever jump up to the ottoman unassisted by mom or dad. dad is best show-quality-trainer ever. mom said sully and i did an amazing job, and dad just looked like a giant walrus. good one mom! have a great weekend everyone. Wally.

Wally’s Great Adventures (46)

hello friends, wally here. my new winter coat arrived today, just in time for the cold snap. check out my fancy yellow jacket, dad said that all the girls will swoon over me, la de da, he said. dad took the shot, just b4 we went for our walk, and he called sully and me The Blues Brothers… “everybody needs somebody to love…I need you you you…I need you you you…I need you you YOU…” wow, happy dad. freeze this dad moment. TGIF everyone. Wally.

Wally’s Great Adventures (45)

hello friends, wally here. long day. got a lot done. electrician came to fix the internet, dad begins to get the shakes if wifi cuts out for even 10 seconds. i was helping the nice man who had lot’s of cool tools, i chewed on his leather tool bag and the bottom of his jeans, while sully was going mental barking at the neighbor dogs out for a walk. mom took sully and me to the park, i walked the whole way by mysself keeping up with sully, and i told dad that mom called me something special, which made me feel good. dad laughed and said everybody is special to mom, she’s mostly a saint except when it came to dad as she rides him mercilessly, and she won’t let him get a kitten, a little bitty kitten. i didn’t get that at all, because mom is so nice, and a kitten would be nice. anywho, between the long walk with sully, wrestling with sully all day long and watching spaz sully chasing tennis balls in the back yard, i’m like totally exhausted.  dad has a day off tomorrow, sully is already amped up about chasing the tennis ball for 8 hours straight, and dad said he will spend all day tomorrow whipping me into show-quality shape. i can’t wait! good night everyone. Wally.

Wally’s Great Adventures (44)

hello friends, wally here. my big bro sully is visiting this week. let the good times roll. dad says its a good damn thing he loves sully so much or rachel wouldn’t be so quick to dump him at this no-charge high end kennel service and run. dad says rachel does share such nice photos on instagram from the beach in naples while mom and dad are at home up north wiping sully’s a** after he poops. i can’t tell if dad is really irritated from wiping sully’s a** or irritation is just his normal state. anywho, during training today mom explained that today was valentine’s day so i have been giving sully kisses all day. (see great photo mom took of me giving him smooches) i’m really good at giving sully kisses and cleaning up his juicy saliva drips. i do wonder if sully is irritated all the time just with me or its because he hangs around dad so much. dad said I really shouldn’t be kissing my brother, he said it’s something bad like in-pressed or in-chest. and then he said that while it’s ok to be kissing boys, i should really try kissing girls instead, not like mom or rachel, but girl puppies. i told dad that there were so many rules, can’t kiss my brother, better to kiss girls but it would be ok if i kissed boys sort-of-like, but girls would be nice, but not mom and rachel. i was so confused, so i told dad i’ll do my best but he should line up some girl pups and let me go at it. during training today, mom explained to me what hump day was, i didn’t really get the problem with it. later when sully, dad and i were playing, dad said he never saw anything like it, describing me having a sick obsession with sticking my wee wee in any part of sully that moved. i barked at dad and said that wasn’t nice, and told him i was just training up for when he brings the girl pups over. otherwise, it was just such an awesome day today to be alive and spending time with my best big bro sully. have a good evening everyone. i need to rest up for tomorrow! it’s HUMP DAY! Wally.

Morning Walk

“notice the dog’s tail wagging, the sound of the dog’s feet clicking on the pavement, the clouds of breath coming out of your dog’s mouth on a cold day”

— Joy Rains, from “The stress secret: 12 ways to meditate – without actually meditating” (The Guardian, Feb 9, 2023)

Video of Wally Walking. VOLUME UP! Thank you Susan.

Wally’s Great Adventures (43)

hello friends, wally here. more big news. mom and i have been going on morning walks together, well, sort of. mom carries me a good part of the way, she’s so warm and cuddly, and then when her back hurts, i wiggle in her arms to let her know that i guess i can walk a bit. dad weighed me yesterday and said i was 14.6 lbs. he called me his chubby little low-rider, whatever that means. dad said it’s a good thing mom is so nice, because if it was him, i’d be bouncing behind him on my chubby little belly like a beach ball, no carrying his show quality chubby big head. i barked at dad as that wasn’t nice, not at all, and we shouldn’t be comparing the size of heads because his blocks out the sun. well, after all that, mom said i did the best ever by walking an entire mile by mysself, and i was so tired when i got home. mom took some pictures of me sleeping (that’s the video, press go on 2nd pic & volume up!)…and dad said between mom and me, he couldn’t decide who snored louder, and whether it was a bull horn or the Metro North whistle, which was problematic enough, but this wally sleeping with my eyes open, really freaked dad out. i told dad that i had to watch dad even when i was sleeping so he wouldn’t pull a fast one on me. always on high alert, yours truly, tgif everyone. Wally.

Wally’s Great Adventures (42)

Wally’s Great Adventures (42). hello friends, wally here. more big news. mom and dad were in the other room, whispering, and telling secrets. little do they know that i can hear everything, and dad says blabbermouth mom tells everybody everything and word gets around the globe faster than the internet, whatever that is.  anyhoo, dad said that wally hasn’t shat or peed in the house for weeks, and mom said she thinks its been a month. A month! Dad said. Yep, mom said, i think our wally is advanced for frenchies. dad just stared in disbelief, and then said, advanced alright, advanced in walking on three legs, having curly cauliflower ears, and playing with hisself, almost, just almost show quality he said. Then dad whispered to mom, don’t you dare tell wally that wednesdays are hump day, i can only imagine what he’ll do next. i didn’t know what all that meant, esp hump day, but if it was about me and coming from dad’s mouth, it couldn’t be good. so i ran around the corner where they were whispering and barked at dad and told him that he wasn’t very nice. Anyway, I’m sharing some pictures, including one of me and my best friend monkey. i know what you are thinking, and it’s not very nice, monkey does not look like dad without a mustachio! have a great HUMP DAY everyone. Wally.

Wally’s Great Adventures (41)

Wally’s Great Adventures (41). hello friends, wally here. dad must have been ill, he was gentle dad this morning, in a soft moment, a frequency of occurrence like haley’s comet, he said NOBODY gives him a full-body-wiggle-hello, NOBODY gives him a welcome home like I do. he said it warms him all up inside, yes, he said that. he said mom used to do it a long time ago – when she saw dad, she would wiggle her a** and other things, but he said she doesn’t do that anymore, and she just wiggles her finger at him, and complains about her bad back and her sore feet. so, each morning, i wait under the table for dad to come home from his walk, i hear the garage door open and here we go. look at dad and me dance. i love dad, he’s the best. have a great weekend everyone! Wally. (Volume Up on Video!)

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