Wally’s Great Adventures (66 – VOLUME UP – The Waiting!)

hello friends, wally here. dad told me the easter bunny was coming this weekend. i had no idea it was so small, and that it made funny noises. dad made me wait to say hello, its so hard to wait. and then dad said i mauled the poor thing but what did he expect me to do with bunnies with his show quality dog training demanding that I hunt down vermin. my bff sully is over this weekend so i don’t have a lot of time to chat. have a great weekend.

Your Rabbit-Hunter Wally.


  1. That was in impressive show of restraint, Wally. Your show training is clearly sinking in. Hope you and Sully have a fabulous time this weekend. Just don’t fill that Easter basket too full of candy. 🐣

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  2. An, not in….grrrr…

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  3. Hi little one…there used to be a cartoon with a character named Elmer Fudd, who perpetually hunted Bugs Bunny. I immediately went there – for Elmer never caught his ‘siwwy wabbit’ – and you patiently waited and then captured the rabbit. The patience and poise you exhibit clearly a result of rigorous training. I never realized that catching a bunny was on the list of commands, but hey, what do i know? You’re a hunter of wild game – your talents are unparalleled! I can only imagine how proud your dad must be…

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  4. Ok for the first 0.5 seconds I really thought you and Susan got a bunny

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  5. Have a great time with Sully this weekend. We can’t even say the words Rabbit or Bunny in our house. Dot and Lia go biserk!

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  6. This got My attention
    This article is such a heartwarming and fun read! Wally’s excitement and curiosity about the Easter bunny is infectious, and it’s clear that he has a great relationship with his dad and his dog. It’s also great to see the importance of responsible pet ownership and training highlighted in this article. Overall, a fantastic and positive read that put a smile on my face!
    Thanks – TheDogGod – http://www.pomeranianpuppies.lovestoblog.com


  7. Hi Wally. Either you are mastering the “stay command“, or you are frozen with fear! 🙂 Nah… it can’t be fear. You must have some “retriever” in you based on the second part of the video! 😉

    Hey… I just had an idea… As you become super proficient at understanding commands, you might want to hold back a little… pretend you’re not going to comply for a couple of seconds and then go for it! That will keep dad on his toes! That little pause might get you some extra treats!

    PS: ask dad for a prime rib bunny!

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  8. I thought we were going to hear the toy! Good on you for learning patience.

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  9. Good job of being a big boy Wally.


  10. You are a quick learner Wally. enjoy your Bro time this weekend 😊

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  11. Emma wants one of those!


  12. I totally understand it being so hard to wait. this is what happens to me when there are chocolate or chips or pasta in the house. ask dad how he does when ice cream is in the house? maybe he will be more empathetic –


  13. No news from Wally in over a week! (As if Dave is not busy enough.) It’s been eight days. Wally Withdrawal Is Starting to Kick in! I’m getting the shakes! Wally! Do you have enough hockey tape? 😉


  14. Suggestion for a Wally video title sometime down the road:

    “Hold My Beer! (And Watch This!)”

    (I happen to be reading a book that uses that line.)

    Happy Sunday, Everyone!


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