Wally’s Great Adventures (64 – VOLUME UP – Call 911!)

hello friends, wally here. BIG news today. i went for a walk with mom, and a neighbor asked what was wrong with my paw. (i couldn’t walk on it because the thorn was so pokey, it weally hurt.) mom panicked because she hadn’t noticed, she picked me up, rushed me back home, and called dad to the rescue. i was wiggling in dads hands while he held me, i was so scared because mom had this shiny steel pokey thing that looked like a giant needle. mom performed surgery and eric took all the photos, for the official record in case of malpractice. i’m all better now, but i’ve been giving mom and dad my super sad eyes all afternoon and getting so many treats. dad also cancelled show dog training. what an amazing Sunday its been. have a great day! Wally.

Wally’s Great Adventures (63 – VOLUME UP – Pelé)

hello friends, wally here. big day. dad found a soccer ball at Cove Island Park this morning and brought it home. i overheard him tell mom that i don’t fetch worth a sh*t and maybe i can make some happen with a soccer ball – – i barked at dad and said fetching is for idiots, and he should try it. anywho, dad said i ran down this soccer ball like A Boss, and his training is paying off, and there’s hope for me yet. he gave me so many extra treats today, which made me so happy. he said we’ll go at it again tomorrow after i rest up. have a great weekend. Wally-Pelé.

Wally’s Great Adventures (62 – VOLUME UP – Zoomies!)

hello friends, wally here.  i haven’t posted in a while, dad wouldn’t let me use his computer all week, said he didn’t have time for my malarkey, whatever that means. went to the vet today, weighed in at 17 lbs! the nice ladies at the Vet gave me so many kisses. they whispered to mom that they didn’t think i would get any bigger, but they couldn’t be wronger with dads’ show dog training and our snackin’, dad said i am going to be HUGE. mom just shakes her head but dad’s right, i can’t wait to be as big as Sully. dad said i should share eric’s show quality dog video on my zoomies, so you can see Dad’s excellent training in action. that’s it for now. have a great weekend.  Wally.

Wally’s Great Adventures (61 – VOLUME UP – I Can See Clearly Now)

hello friends, wally here.  beautiful day in connecticut today. like almost the first day of spring, 61 °F and toasty warm.  sunshiny day with exception of dad (a large dark cloud) who started his ‘eliminate all sugar from his diet” day after his doctor visit…he mumbled something about total bullsh*t, and don’t eat margarine, don’t eat salt, wrong, wrong, and now no sugar. to distract him, we decided to haul the outdoor furniture from the basement to the backyard. i helped a lot, dad said, by staying the h*ll out of the way. i’ve never had a spring day in my short puppy life, but if this is what’s to come, wow, wally is pumped. have a great sunday.  Wally.

TGIF: Wally’s Great Adventures (60 – VOLUME UP – IT’S BEEN A LONG WEEK)

Wally’s Great Adventures (60 – VOLUME UP – IT’S BEEN A LONG WEEK) hello friends, wally here. no funny stories today. no rants on dad and show dog tricks. no cutesy 70’s tunes to wrap this vid. just rest. and yes, i sleep with my eyes open. and yes, i sleep on my back and snore like mom. TGIF. yours truly sleepy Wally.

Wally’s Great Adventures (59 – VOLUME UP – I’M HUNGRY)

hello friends, wally here. been playing with Sully for 2 days, and i’m gassed!  and you know, when you work hard and play hard you get really really hungry, right? well, there’s no breaking the rules in this house, 3 meals a day, 7am, noon and 5pm, and no deviations.  and 1/3 of a cup of puppy chow for each meal, and it has to be level to the top and not heaping. i love mom but she’s a meany-cat and immovable. just look at those pics of me, i’m withering away and you can see my hip bones. this is a dangerous situation. so i decided to share with mom Pearl Jam’s tune “Hunger Strike” so maybe she’d get it or i’m going on a no-more-cute strike. will keep you all posted. have a great evening. yours truly hungry Wally.


To travel is to eat. We were tucking into our lunch, which is to say Laura was munching crackers and I was eating bread and pomodori. These tomatoes tasted nothing like English tomatoes. They tasted tomatoey. I ate them one after another, the taste like a memory of childhood which actually turned out not to be a taste but a smell of taste, the reddening green smell – I had it exactly – of my Uncle Harry’s greenhouse in Shurdington where the air ripened under glass.

—  Geoff DyerOut of Sheer Rage: Wrestling with D. H. Lawrence


  • Photo Source
  • Inspired by: I picked up the book after reading “Vivian Gornick: ‘I Couldn’t Finish Michelle Obama’s Becoming‘: (The Guardian, March 26, 2021): “The last book that made me laugh Out of Sheer Rage by Geoff Dyer is a brilliant book. For me, the best thing he ever wrote. A little bit of genius, it made me laugh, and laugh, and laugh.”

OK COVID-19, this has now gone too far.

4:00 am. And craving…

Credit: The Inspired Home: 29 Fancy Grill Cheese For the Ultimate Cheesiest Meal Ever (via Your Eyes Blaze Out)

soft bread, the smooth sauce soaking through all of it

These urban wanderings are punctuated by brief pauses in the cafés of Neukölln to down a quick beer; prolonged pauses in the lines outside kebab shops at lunchtime, long queues…there are more kebab shops here than McDonald’s. Mauro will taste more than thirty during his stay, finally deciding on his favorite—made in a van at the Mehringdamm U-Bahn station. Crunchy slices of meat, sweet grilled onions, crisp fries, soft bread, the smooth sauce soaking through all of it, and hot, hot, hot: the perfect fuel.

~ Maylis de KerangalThe Cook (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, March 26, 2019)

Photo: geschmacks of Döner Kebab Groß

Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

Source: mennyfox55

Here I was, I thought, living.

Things were better at home when a chicken roasted in the oven or eggs cooked in a hot buttered pan… Cooking was a meditation, I thought. It anchored me in my body—here was my hand, holding a knife, slicing through celery. Here I was, standing on the black and white kitchen tile of my first apartment in Brooklyn, listening to records, making dinner. Here I was, I thought, living.

~ Sarah McColl, “Joy Enough: A Memoir.” (January, 2019)

Notes: Image: Better Homes & Gardens – Perfect Fried Eggs.  Prior Sarah McColl posts

Tuesday Morning Wake-Up Call

There was nothing I wanted more than a grilled cheese sandwich, and I ordered it with a coffee. I was so looking forward to a really cheesy one—a grilled cheese sandwich just oozing with cheese. I thought about it as I waited, then accepted from the man at the counter a white paper plate, with a sandwich wrapped in foil that was white on the outside and silvery on the inside to keep it really warm… I eagerly unwrapped the sandwich, but when I bit into it, it was soggy, and there was almost no cheese. It was not what I wanted, not what I had been picturing, but I adjusted myself to the reality of it. Better to have a good imagination than a good grilled cheese sandwich, I told myself.

~ Sheila Heti, How Should a Person Be?: A Novel 

Photo: Everybody Loves to Eat


Here’s Pavarotti copied from an interview somewhere:

One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating.”

Patricia HamplThe Art of the Wasted Day (Published April 17, 2018)


Photo: BonAppétit, Pappardelle with Arugula and Prosciutto


Miracle. All of it. (60 Sec)



  • Image Credit: via Paper Ghosts
  • Inspired by Albert Einstein’s quote: “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”
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No question looms larger

No question looms larger on a daily basis for many of us than

“What’s for lunch?”

and, when that has been resolved,

“What’s for dinner?”

~ Jim Harrison, A Really Big Lunch: Meditations on Food and Life from the Roving Gourmand


Photo: Easy Indian Masala Burgers @ yumi-food. (Masala Burger @ Trader Joe’s is a blend of seven different vegetables – potatoes, carrots, green beans, bell peppers, onions, corn and green peppers – with authentic Indian spices like coriander, cumin, red chili powder and turmeric.)

Hearty Soup

I like seven pounds of short ribs and
twenty-three cloves of garlic in barley soup.
Some will settle for less
but they’re not writing barley poems.

~ Jim Harrison, from “Courage and Survival” (Brick, November, 26, 2012)

Notes: Photo: thefoodcharlatan.com. Quote: Thank you The Hammock Papers



“A child scrapes the leftovers from his meager lunch at a refugee camp in Kutupalong, Bangladesh. More than a million Rohingyas, originally from Myanmar, are living without basic amenities in government camps like Kutupalong.”

Source: Sushavan Sandy, Nurphoto, Zuma Press, February 21, 2017, wsj.com

Holy Cheese (15, yes, 15!)


We’re a member of the 1%!  15 different types of cheese in our refrigerator, which led to a “conversation” about what the cheese is going on here…

Source: NY Times Magazine



A migrant eats during a snowfall in Belgrade, Serbia.


Source: wsj.com – Marko Djurica, Reuters, January 9, 2017

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