Slip slip slip through your hands

Music: Elliot Moss – “Slip”. Lyrics. Song on iTunes.

Amy & Travis

Amy & Travis dance to James Vincent McMorrow’s rendition of “Wicked Games” in “So You Think You Can Dance.”

Credits: Thank you Susan for sharing her favorite dance of the season.

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Mantas Last Dance

One word. Beautiful.


If I could stay just for a minute more
Then I could say all the things I’ve been saving up for
Never enough time in the day & moments like this
come a moment too late

And, there’s so many things that I don’t understand
And I’m standing in line with my open hand
Waiting for some explanation
Something to hold onto
And the minutes of the day turn to hours of the week
And time’s slippin’ away & we don’t hardly speak
And I’m feeling so lost deep in my soul…

Source: Lyrics. Video.  Music: Terra Naomi – If I Could Stay.

Sunday Morning: Tap. Tap. Tap. On the heart…

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16 Seconds to a Guaranteed Smile…

Source Credit: Thank you Rachel!

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Like it.

Like IT.



Wish I could do it…(without being in traction for 6 months)

Source: Thank you James Altucher

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Don’t Stop…On the Streets of Paris

N’ARRETE PAS!. (don’t stop) by Dominique Palombo from Joe Lombardo on Vimeo.

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“THIS” is it!

A blogger friend shared this with me.  “Not for him,” he said.  “Bit different.  Bit dark and creepy.  But stick with it,” he said.  “Hang in there until the end,” he suggested.


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Sunday Morning: Beauty in Motion…

Anake Goodall shared this video titled Beauty in Motion.  It is in fact “beauty in motion.”  Hypnotic music and dance.  I would encourage you to visit Anake’s blog.  I get transported “away” with his photos and images.

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Everything in its right place…

Ballet dancers in super slow motion.  Mesmerizing.  Marina Kanno and Giacomo Bevilaqua from Staatsballett Berlin.  Music by RadioHead – “Everything In Its Right Place

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“Le vent” Source: via kottke

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