Human Kaleidoscope

Incredible…short two minute clip.  Have no idea how they do this…but amazing nonetheless…

Source: Explore

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  1. Wow. Now that’s incredible!

  2. Fascinating stuff! I am sure it took days to do this! Great share!

  3. Yes, a big WoW for this amazing performance. You have to wonder how people think up things like this….

  4. jcwaldron says:

    TED material (and TEDx now) never fails to amaze me.

  5. Pretty amazing!

  6. That was very cool. I’m also a big fan of TED….. and now TEDx

  7. Can you imagine the work that went into that routine? Thanks for sharing.

  8. Ok, now that was WICKED cool!! I’m feeling all inspired to create something remarkable in my little corner of the world now. Thx David!!

  9. That was brilliant!!

  10. Super Cool!

  11. OH WOWWWW-EEEEE! wonderful clip demonstrating so much teamwork and perfection in timing. A great example for all human societies, I think.

  12. The only word I can think of is . . . Awesome!

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