Miracle. All of it. (100 sec)


  • NASAEarthObservatory. Published on Dec 19, 2017. NASA’s Operation IceBridge flew for the ninth year over Antarctica to map the ice. This video features photographs of land ice and sea ice, shot with a handheld camera and with the Digital Mapping System (DMS), during IceBridge flights in November 2017.
  • Post Inspiration: Aruni Nan Futuronsky: “I realize in this moment that there is no deprivation here in my life. This moment of my growth is one of inclusivity. I am old enough now to give myself full permission to integrate it all. To savor, to pick and choose, to put it all together. Not without feelings, not without disappointment and grieving, not without hope and possibility yet it is all sacred. It is all inevitable. All these streams of influence, all these rivers of practices and feelings and perspectives. I get them all. I get to turn; I get to change. I get to continue to choose what touches me and what grows me, continually building on the platform of who I am.” (Thank you makebelieveboutique.com)

Truth in That


What really blows my mind is that NASA is able to receive data from a 4.67 billion miles far away spacecraft, while i lose wifi signal once i move to the kitchen.

~ Showerthoughts, RBN


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  • Space.com – Photo of Pluto taken in July, 2014 by NASA’s New Horizon’s featuring Pluto’s “heart”.


From the Deck of SS Kanigan Enterprise…

story, power outage

Stardate:  October 29, 2012. 7:53pm.

Winds howling.
Sandy not relenting.

Ship steady.
No damage to Enterprise.

All men.
And beast accounted for.
No loss of life.
Or limb.

Lights flicker.
And out.
Internet whirls to a halt.
Apocalypse? A whisker away.

Look out Starport.
No visible planets with light.

Candles lit.
Calm sets in.
Zeke nestled up tight.

Trick or treat?
When will there be light?

Image Credit: NASA

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