And, here comes Sandy…

And hopefully not like the ominous photos above from the Superstorm in NYC in July, 2012.  Source:

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  1. Stay safe!!!

  2. Oh now, that looks apocalyptic. It’s raining…heavily, true..And it’s a little windy so far..

  3. seems like a science fiction films… This is fearful. I hope nothing happens. Thanks and Love, nia

  4. Are these pictures real?…It looks like a trailer for a new movie….and a scary one!

  5. Fingers crossed, David!!!

  6. Awesome pictures. We are expecting heavy wind and rain here. Hanker down and be safe we you are.


  7. oh jeez. stay safe.

  8. All the best, David… Thinking of you, and all who are in its path…

  9. Yikes!! That DOES look apocalyptic! Just turned off the Weather Channel–seeing what’s coming is just making the anxiety level rise… Hoping for the best for all in Sandy’s path…

  10. Hope you emerge from the storm unscathed. Looks like we we are straying in Boca for a few more days courtesy of Sandy … unsure if I prefer being out of harm’s way or being home to react to whatever may happen.

  11. Maria Mendizabal says:

    Take good care Dave. Those are scary pictures. After so many storms in the Caribbean and Florida, I really never thought a huge storm like Sandy could ever reach your area with such force. Watching the WC is something out of movie. I pray for everyone in its path.

    • I didn’t either Maria. Who would have thought that we would have experienced as many hurricane threats in Tri-State as we did during our 10 years in Miami. Thank you for your well wishes.

  12. WOW! Great photos…

  13. Take care!
    The heavy winds are going to hit us this evening and then rain for the next 2-3 days I think. At least thats what the forecast says.
    The pictures I seen are looking crazy…

  14. I live right on a Pennsylvania river bank… I’m braced for flooding. Stay safe.

  15. Very scary. Hope you’re not in its path and if you are, that you come out unscathed.

  16. This…is from July. The article contains the following:
    PUBLISHED: 14:53 EST, 26 July 2012 | UPDATED: 13:34 EST, 27 July 2012

  17. OMG!

  18. Photos are from the Superstorm in NYC in July, 2012. Source:

  19. My goodness!! That looks surreal!!

  20. Watching the updates way up here out of Sandy’s reach. To everyone in Sandy’s path .. be safe!

  21. My prayers are with you and everyone else in the path of this storm. Guess they have to name it something. I think — especially at this moment — that using a numbering system would be MUCH better. The harm this kind of storm causes is so opposite of the name’s meaning.

    Take care.

    • Thank you Sandy for your thoughts and prayers. How could they possibly have named this monstrous thing “Sandy” – the peaceful and gentle one. I’m with you on using the number system. :) Thanks again

  22. Amazing! And scary………!

  23. Like a surreal painting. So sad that something that causes such tragedy can be so beautiful…

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