The Sun Did Not Shine…

And, hopefully sitting in a house with power… :)


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  1. :-) Wishing you a safe and cozy play day..and no power outages!

  2. Wish you well.

  3. I enjoyed reading these stories.

  4. I love sitting in my house playing with my daughter on these types of days (with power!),regards Zynkin

  5. Power made the stay inside a bliss
    Rain drops so awesome , I never miss
    the play on wet ground, when its a cold day
    I like the warm milk, biscuit and hot cake

  6. A hint of things to come.


  7. As I recall, that raining day caused a lot of havoc indoors…..

  8. Stay safe, warm and dry!

  9. David, you give us Dr. Seuss and Mimi gave us Bill Cosby. What a great day this can only be. It certainly will be free. I tried, but am not a good Seuss. I am not.

  10. That just about sums up my Monday. I’m considering removing the signpost just up the road from me that says “Welcome to the Sunshine Coast”.

  11. We sat there in silence.
    We sat there, we two.
    And I said, “How I wish
    We had something to do.”
    Yup – still memorized. Can’t see you not having something to do, though….

  12. Love your little rhyme. My son’s power has been out since lunchtime. :(

  13. Love the Seuss.

  14. Oh my gosh! LOVE Dr Suess!

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