Truth in That


What really blows my mind is that NASA is able to receive data from a 4.67 billion miles far away spacecraft, while i lose wifi signal once i move to the kitchen.

~ Showerthoughts, RBN


  • Don’t miss reader comments on this quote here: Showerthoughts, RBN
  • – Photo of Pluto taken in July, 2014 by NASA’s New Horizon’s featuring Pluto’s “heart”.



  1. HA! Searching frantically for the ‘love’ button….

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  2. If you had a couple of million dollars worth of antennas and transmitters on your property, you probably wouldn’t drop off as often.

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    • Laughing. That was one of the comments on this blog post. $700,000,000 of NASA equipment should improve the signal.


    • Here’s a sampling of readers’ comments:

      “They probably spent more on their router than you did on yours.”

      “NASA spent $700 million on the transmitter, a several watt transmitter aimed directly at the receivers, and has ~2000 square metres of receiving dish area.”

      “And there are fewer walls between Pluto and Earth than there are between your WAP and your kitchen.”

      “That’s logic right there, the walls matter”

      “I am too man. Let us bow our head in shame together.”

      “I suddenly feel much better now.”

      “Maybe they have a hard line connection”

      “If your router is really that strong, an alien on Pluto (if there is one) may hack into your Wi-Fi and watch your whole life anonymously.”

      “Trust me, man, it’s not the router. Have you ever seen a kitchen in any of their photographs? That’s their secret.”

      “NASA has a really really big antenna”

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  3. Ain’t that the truth!

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  4. Love the comments David!

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  5. Yeah, well, I lose my WiFi signal in the kitchen at around 18:30 hrs daily because Mister, looking lean* and hungry, insists I turn off all electronics and concentrate on minding the gas stove instead. Happy are the days when my son, of more modern viewpoint, cooks the dinner and WiFi curfew time is lengthened to 19:30 hrs. (*illusory leanness)

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  6. LOL ain’t that the truth!

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  7. Love that one. Technology !! ☺

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  8. so true!

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  9. Peggy Farrell Schroeder says:

    Sad but true ….

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  10. Gotta get rid of the kitchen.

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  11. Simple fact.

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