Sunday Morning: Taking an ordinary moment and elevating it to the iconic

“Joel Sartore is a photographer for the National Geographic. He will take 30,000 photos in a year to come up with three or four keeper photos.  Sartore has also been working on a 20-year protect called The Photo Ark, taking studio-style photos of animals to document biodiversity and call attention to endangered species. ‘The goal is for people to look these species in the eye and get them to care while there’s still time,’ said Sartore, described as a modern-day Noah.  He has photographed more than 2,650 species  and he believes ‘for many of Earth’s creatures, time is running out.  Half of the world’s plant and animal species will soon be threatened with extinction.’  Sartore believes he’ll have 5,000 to 6,000 photos of animals in The Photo Ark by the time he’s finished.”  Inspirational “Charles Kuralt” Sunday Morning-like clip.

Good Sunday Morning.

Joel Sartore, A photographer’s life from Joel Sartore on Vimeo.

Source: GrindTV

Monday Morning Wake-Up Call – Breakfast!

“The Kingfisher makes a perfect dive at 100 km/hr into the little frozen hole in Germany to catch fish for food.  This amazing moment captured by photographer Gisela Delpho.”

Source: goodmemory via opticoverload

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Have to go back to work after the long weekend?

He captures the sentiment nicely. 🙂

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Monday Morning Wake-Up Call!

A Golden Eagle.  Source: fairy-wren

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Monday Morning Wake-Up Call: Pick ’em up. Put ’em down. And GO!

Clark’s Grebe.  This species nests on large inland lakes in western North America and migrates to the Pacific coast in winter.  It maintains local populations year-round in  California, Nevada, Arizona, and central Mexico.  It feeds by diving for carp, herring, mollusks, crabs and salamanders.

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Monday Morning Wake-Up Call: Shake off the sleep…




















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