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Series can found on Netflix. Must watch T.V. bringing light amid so much darkness. (Thank you Susan)

Mr. Church could have been anything he wanted to be. He chose to cook.

This flick has been hammered (trashed) by the critics (e.g., or but loved by its audience – 83% of Amazon reviewers loved it.

I say Bah Hum Bug to the critics!  “Sugary Sweet Fantasy” perhaps, but it’s the season. Sit with your family over the holidays and watch this Disney-like flick.

Find it on Amazon Video: Mr. Church

Man’s Best Friend

Take 2 minutes for an immediate attitude adjustment.

Thanks Lorne


disaster, help, give, Hurricane Sandy, HurricaneA former colleague of mine send this email to me last night:


“I wanted to pass this story along about the Red Cross. I will donate to them after seeing them in action. They have been blanketing my neighborhood since the storm. We have a truck that passes by each evening. The two workers are from Mississippi and New Orleans. Now that is dedication driving to the east coast to feed somewhat affluent people sandwiches, juice boxes and occasional specials. They knew of my son’s allergies and had a meal for him as I got out of my car. I don’t need the hand out, but my dinner plan was to reheat leftover pizza on the stove. We accepted the food and they were happy and we were happy. My parents accepted fresh pears.  Food was nourishing.  It was good. Message is anyone can help anyone at any time. We should all be ready to help and accept help when we need it. We should all think about donations to the Red Cross.  They help people in distress when people need it most.”

Rob, thanks for the inspiration. I’m giving to Red Cross today.

Heal tapping with Bruce…

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It’s 6:45am. (Monday)  I walk out the door.  Cold air bursts to greet me.  Mother Earth’s greeting: GOOD MONDAY MORNING Pal!  My morning wake-up call.  I scramble to get into the car.  I turn up the heater.  More frigid air in a frontal assault.  I rub my hands together vigorously. And shiver.  I back the car out of the driveway and get on the road.  My fingers scroll the dials to find Bruce.  Stop on “Radio Nowhere.”  I dial it up.  Way up.  And set it to run a continuous loop.

↓ click for audio (Bruce Springsteen – “Radio Nowhere”)

I just want to hear some rhythm.

My car is running on mid-grade and running on Bruce – – who is now coursing through the car. And coursing through me.  

The Sun, a mere 100 million miles away, finds her way through my windshield to warm my skin.  (I feel more lift.  She’s pulling me. Pulling me up.  I’m thawing out.  And my bones are telling me…It’s a good day.  I’m feeling good.) [Read more…]

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