disaster, help, give, Hurricane Sandy, HurricaneA former colleague of mine send this email to me last night:


“I wanted to pass this story along about the Red Cross. I will donate to them after seeing them in action. They have been blanketing my neighborhood since the storm. We have a truck that passes by each evening. The two workers are from Mississippi and New Orleans. Now that is dedication driving to the east coast to feed somewhat affluent people sandwiches, juice boxes and occasional specials. They knew of my son’s allergies and had a meal for him as I got out of my car. I don’t need the hand out, but my dinner plan was to reheat leftover pizza on the stove. We accepted the food and they were happy and we were happy. My parents accepted fresh pears.  Food was nourishing.  It was good. Message is anyone can help anyone at any time. We should all be ready to help and accept help when we need it. We should all think about donations to the Red Cross.  They help people in distress when people need it most.”

Rob, thanks for the inspiration. I’m giving to Red Cross today.


  1. We donated last week. My eyes welled when I read that his parents received fresh pears. I hope we step back for a moment and realize how amazingly fortunate we are. The assumed acts of turning on the light, starting the coffee, reaching for the half and half – half asleep and acts of routine. It’s time for me to do more than put my money where my mouth is – somehow donating coats and money seems insufficient. I’m going to give a bit more of me. This is a great post.


  2. This got my attention, too. Thx for the wake-up call David!


  3. Made my donation last week. Thanks for reminding others to do the same.


  4. Pete Dunbar says:


    Have given to the Red Cross multiple times sense Sandy hit. Love your message, really makes you realize how people helping people can be powerful.

    Thanks for your continued inspiration,


    Pete Dunbar 317.987.3973


  5. Shared on FB — Thanks.


  6. I have enjoyed following your blog!


  7. As they say…”The more you give…the more you get back!!”


  8. I just wrote about this b/c I’m here in NJ amidst the remnants of the hurricane and the Red Cross has been awesome…


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