Arthritic Schoep is lulled to sleep in warm Lake Superior Waters…

 “They say a dog is a man’s best friend, but to John Unger, a Wisconsin resident, his dog, Schoep, means everything. Unger adopted Schoep as a 8-month old puppy and the two have been together ever since. Now, at 19 years old, Schoep has arthritis and has trouble sleeping…Unger found that water is therapeutic for his pained buddy, so he takes Schoep into Lake Superior and lulls him to sleep…Schoep trusting John so much he falls asleep in the buoyancy of the water which soothes his arthritic bones.”

Read more of this inspiring story at The Huffington Post.  Thank you conflictingheart for the share.

And more background at this YouTube video clip.

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Sunday Morning: Beautiful Day at the Dog Park…

The short clip reminded me of the Sunday mornings (rain, shine, bitter cold or snow) that we’d take Zeke to the dog park to play with his friends.   The video is paired with happy music.  Bet you dinner you smile at least once and your heart warms at least one degree.  (Easy Money!)

Good Sunday Morning.

Beautiful Day at the Dog Park from Kelsey Wynns on Vimeo.

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