Sunday Morning: Walk with Me…

Good Sunday Morning.

WALK WITH ME from david babendreyer on Vimeo.

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  1. The guitar at the outset was so haunting to me…towards the middle I was somehow expecting something – i don’t know what – but I melted as he held his dog’s face against his chest. I wonder if perhaps it wasn’t the dog who was saying to the man “walk with me”..

    • Yes, there is that hanging mystery with this clip that teases you along waiting for something big to happen (…like life)…and eventually you learn later in the clip (like later in life) to appreciate the day-to-day beauty around us – the sand, the trees, rubbing the dogs ears and having him nuzzle you etc. And yes, dog does seem to be say Walk with Me.

  2. A lovely peace / piece to start up Sunday David.

  3. Peaceful and mesmerizing. Both music and walk. Think I will head out with my dog now…

  4. What a languid experience–I loved it, and like Mimi, I just melted when the dog was snuggling with him near the end–the love in its eyes melted my heart. It’s the simple things in life that are precious–that was my takeaway….

  5. Sweet music and peaceful, but also a little sad. It made me feel lonely for the guy. A pet is a a good companion, but with no other people in sight it seemed kind of sad. Maybe it is just the mood I’m in at the moment.

  6. A very feel good piece.

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