Wally’s Great Adventures (64 – VOLUME UP – Call 911!)

hello friends, wally here. BIG news today. i went for a walk with mom, and a neighbor asked what was wrong with my paw. (i couldn’t walk on it because the thorn was so pokey, it weally hurt.) mom panicked because she hadn’t noticed, she picked me up, rushed me back home, and called dad to the rescue. i was wiggling in dads hands while he held me, i was so scared because mom had this shiny steel pokey thing that looked like a giant needle. mom performed surgery and eric took all the photos, for the official record in case of malpractice. i’m all better now, but i’ve been giving mom and dad my super sad eyes all afternoon and getting so many treats. dad also cancelled show dog training. what an amazing Sunday its been. have a great day! Wally.


  1. Your mom is fantastic Wally! And how prescient of Eric to get pictures – you know, just I’m case dad holds you too tightly and you decide to sue…😉. Seriously, I’m glad you’re recovering little one…

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  2. NOW we know it’s the USofA


  3. …. when even wally thinks of sueing his parents. My fingers got so nervous. They sent the half baked comment into the www
    Hope your paw heals quickly. Be glad that you’re being held so tightly. A friend’s cat just lost an eye in a fight, nobody was protecting him from getting hurt.

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  4. Oh you poor dear. It happens. Thankfully the neighbour noticed and your parents took care of you right away. I’m with Kiki… Americans are so quick to talk about suing.

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  5. you poor thing. and how lucky you are to have a crack rescue team around you. feel better soon


  6. BEAUTIFUL job of faking injury in order to manipulate “your humans” Wally!! I’m going to nominate you for an Academy Award for BEST ACTOR!

    Faking the limp… Eyes bugged out in terror… Squirming around while dad is holding you… Secretly holding a thorn between your toes where it really did not hurt at all… and topping it all off by threatening a lawsuit!! ACADEMY AWARD FOR BEST ACTOR FOR SURE!

    You continue to do a FABULOUS job of maintaining your status as the ALPHA MALE OF THE HOUSE!

    Whenever you want a treat, just look sad and stare at your fake paw injury!!

    Also, start practicing a new “bark” that sounds kind of like: “I Want My Lawyer!” That should get you another Academy Award for…BEST MOVIE SOUNDTRACK!!

    You are headed for a promotion from “best show dog“ to “best actor!“

    Brilliant!… Just Brilliant!
    Keep up the great work!


  7. oh no…
    so sorry for the ouchies, Wally.
    Thank God for Mommy and Daddy.


  8. The eyes say it all.

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  9. Oh, Wally… you are so fortunate to have your parents quick to the rescue!


  10. So glad you’re all better now, Wally. Those thorny things are no fun. Sending cuddles.

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  11. Oh-h thank goodness everyone rushed to take good care of you! That expression of horror in your eyes reveals how terrified you were. Those baby paws will toughen up because you’re such an athlete!


  12. niasunset says:

    Your mom is great. Yes you had a trouble moments but she did well. Lovely Wally, love and hugs, nia


  13. ¡Qué trágico! Poor Wally! I’m glad the thorn came out but know from personal experience it is no fun enduring the scary process. Hugs and healing doggy kisses, Wally! You’ll survive!


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