Wally’s Great Adventures (62 – VOLUME UP – Zoomies!)

hello friends, wally here.  i haven’t posted in a while, dad wouldn’t let me use his computer all week, said he didn’t have time for my malarkey, whatever that means. went to the vet today, weighed in at 17 lbs! the nice ladies at the Vet gave me so many kisses. they whispered to mom that they didn’t think i would get any bigger, but they couldn’t be wronger with dads’ show dog training and our snackin’, dad said i am going to be HUGE. mom just shakes her head but dad’s right, i can’t wait to be as big as Sully. dad said i should share eric’s show quality dog video on my zoomies, so you can see Dad’s excellent training in action. that’s it for now. have a great weekend.  Wally.


  1. Don’t you just love him?!

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  2. You’re clearly a track and field contender


  3. Zoomies, French bulldog style! Can Wally ever be less cute? I think not!


  4. Love when they run around like that!


  5. Definitely show dog quality!


  6. Gosh Wally!! Good to hear from you! I was starting to go into “Wally withdrawal”!! It was terrible! I was starting to get “the shakes“…couldn’t sleep… I was a mess! I’m OK now though. If I don’t hear from you for over a week, I may have to call 911!! “Wally withdrawal” was recently documented in The American Journal of Medicine!!

    (OK… I’m just kidding… Great to hear from you though! Keep on Zooming!)

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  7. Wally, I bet the zoomies are excitement for the weekend!
    Have a lovely one.


  8. Wally, I think you are the perfect size now to zoom around the house so joyfully.


  9. Wally, you’re the best!🐶


  10. Zoom zoom zoom, we’re going to the moon 🌚


  11. Great practice for agility training, Wally. You are fast! Perhaps we will see you at Crufts next year. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvPyT3FuYa4

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  12. Wally, your style is superb, and that cornering? Sharp as any Ferrari. As others have said, I think you have a future in agility!


  13. Hi Wally, We missed your posts from the Kanigan clan, but there’s nothing like getting your wiggles out and letting us see your moves…the way you navigate the obstacles is really impressive – and such grace in the face of wood floors, end tables and other hazards v;owns my mind..happy weekend, little guy


  14. Great zoomies, Wally! I like ’em too, only I re-arrange the furniture at the same time! Woo Woof!!! 😉


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