Slowly, dawn was breaking.

Streaks of colour – peach bellinis, orange martinis, strawberry margaritas, frozen negronis – streamed above the horizon, east to west.

Elif Shafak, 10 Minutes 38 Seconds in This Strange World (Bloomsbury Publishing; September 24, 2019)

Photo: DK @ Daybreak. 5:52 to 6:35 am, November 9, 2021. 46° F. Cove Island Park, Stamford, CT.

Miracle. All of it.

A life: thousands and millions of pages to be filled; all the insects that one has encountered or crushed, every blade of grass one’s foot has brushed against, every tile and slate on the houses one has looked at, the tons of food that one has eaten, that one first had to buy, pound after pound, quart after quart. And the faces, and the smells, and the smiles, and the cries, and the gusts of wind, and the rains and the seasons perpetually returning … Imagine telling the story of one’s life simply by remembering the colors one has seen, just the colors, the colors one has loved, or studied, or neglected.

Violette LeDuc, La Bâtarde in Dalkey


  • Violette LeDuc (1907-1972) was born in France. She was the illegitimate daughter of a servant girl, Berthe Leduc and André Debaralle, the son of a rich protestant family who subsequently refused to legitimize her. Violette spent most of her childhood suffering from poor self-esteem, exacerbated by her mother’s hostility and excessive protectiveness.
  • Image Source: Quote: via nemophilies.
  • Inspiration: Inspired by Albert Einstein’s quote: “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”
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Autumn Lights

autumn lights

Love these. What are they?

Source: Elinka via German Photographer stefanie-d-b. Her bio with google translation: “i photograph. much. passionate. whatever I want, and how I want it. I show the things not as they are, but then, as I see it.

Now. September 22, 2013. 4:44 PM.


It is the summer’s great last heat,
It is the fall’s first chill: They meet.

– Sarah Morgan Bryan Piatt

Credits: Image – Hungarian Soul.  Poem: Farmer’s Almanac

Sunday Morning: Pure Michigan.

“As busy as the world gets, there are still times when things move a little slower. When life is a little simpler. When the local color looks good enough to eat. Welcome to Harvest Time. When Mother Nature puts on a whole new wardrobe. And we look at life in a whole new way. So pull out that favorite sweater and grab yourself a little piece, of Pure Michigan.”

Wonderful 30 second clip that captures the feeling and beauty of autumn.

Good Sunday Morning.

T.G.I.F.: May it go as quickly and efficiently

water balloons gif

Source: Thank you fantasmaglorious.  Couldn’t stop watching. Boyo, what is with your fixation with water balloons?

Happy Birthday Bruce…

The Boss turns 63 today.  Here’s Bruce Springsteen with “I’m going down.”

Happy Birthday Van…

It’s Van Morrison’s 67th birthday today.  Here’s Van singing “High Summer.”

↓ click for audio




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Blue and White

Here’s Beth Waters singing “Blue and White.

…it’s okay I’m going home now
I’ll be okay tonight
I just wanna be alone now
with the dark and the light
that’s my favorite color blue there
as the sun sets in the sky
there’s just something in the hue there
in the corner of my eye

in the dark and the light
in the blue and the white
something’s pure that I am missing
something’s sure that I am not
holding back and never letting you see…

Image Source: Thank you Anake Goodall – Manolo Valdes, Double Negative, 1942

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Look closely at this. (I mean really closely)

Redhead Girl, VivianaArts, drawing, sketch, Samuel Silva, Ballpoint pen art, bic

This photo was drawn with a ballpoint pen by Samuel Silva.  The 29-year old Portugal based artist is an attorney by profession.  Art is his hobby.  He uses just eight different colored ballpoint pens and creates photorealistic portraits of people, animals, and landscapes.  Each drawing can take from 5 to 50 hours to finish.  He doesn’t mix colors or blend them.  Ballpoint pen ink dries instantly and cannot be erased.  Read more and see more of Silva’s beautiful drawings at Deviant Art.

Source: Kaushik @Amusing Planet via Madame Scherzo

Sunday Afternoon with Amos…


Here’s Amos Lee with Norah Jones singing “Colors.”  Lee was born in Philadelphia.  He was a former schoolteacher and bartender before pursuing a career in music.

↓ click for audio (Colors: Amos Lee with Norah Jones)

Image Source: My Divine, Cloud Number 9 via marcdesa

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