Sunday Morning: Pure Michigan.

“As busy as the world gets, there are still times when things move a little slower. When life is a little simpler. When the local color looks good enough to eat. Welcome to Harvest Time. When Mother Nature puts on a whole new wardrobe. And we look at life in a whole new way. So pull out that favorite sweater and grab yourself a little piece, of Pure Michigan.”

Wonderful 30 second clip that captures the feeling and beauty of autumn.

Good Sunday Morning.


  1. So can feel the cooler air. And yet, how did we get to this season so quickly?


  2. I love fall too–want to keep it in my grasp–yet it fades away as does all seasons–I will enjoy it though–


  3. Cool, crisp mornings, warmer days, and no humidity. By far my favorite time of year.


  4. Notice that there were no techie gadgets in this clip? No people with wires in their head, no cell phones or smart phones. Just old fashioned, uncrowded scenes. A slower pace. Nice.


  5. Michael Zahaby says:

    No Michigan. I’m a Buckeye (laughing).
    I have to say despite my feelings about that team, upper Michigan is awesome


  6. Thank you sharing info about our beautiful state. 🙂 I have a brother that lives in the upper peninsula of Michigan, and I always visit in the fall (this year it will be a little later – October) – and the photographs I’ve taken are lovely. It is worth the 11 hour drive (and I’m still in Michigan, driving to Michigan…) Thanks to Vicki Flaherty for sharing the post with me. 🙂


  7. Michael Zahaby says:

    You must be longing for that part of the country, just about now. The air is super crisp, you can sleep with the window open and a wool blanket listening to the rustling of the leaves.


  8. *snort* It’s still in the high 90s every day in my town. So pissed that I missed a monsoonal thunderstorm here yesterday – I was at the beach trying to cool off.
    But thanks for the nice cool thoughts.


  9. autumn is truly my favorite season, from your fellow michigander )


  10. Lovely little slice of fall, David, thank you. We’ve got a chill in the air here and I’ve already spied a few maples beginning to don their autumnal attire. I, too, love this time of year…


  11. lovely. and I am sooo ready. But it’s still in the high 90’s here…where I am, summer just hangs on, and on, and on! I will be patient!


  12. I have to tell you that, living here in MI for 13 years, I’ve never gotten used to the vividness of the fall season. Never. All those sugar maples just pop with color — and it’s so beautiful that it’s nearly distracting to go on a country drive. Which one must do! Going on
    Wed 🙂



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