Achieving Mastery in Mind Control With Repetition (Lots of it…)

mind controlI came across this image last night and for some reason, I couldn’t shake it.

So, here’s a short list of HIGH volume REPETITIVE activities where I have achieved advanced Mind Control:

  • Waking up by 4am (mastery level)
  • Dessert (sweet @ every meal)
  • Reading (anything, anytime)
  • Showing up on time (every time)
  • Goal pursuit (dog-on-bone)
  • Electronic Gadgets (man-thing)
  • Getting lost (with GPS)


  • Email (obsessive)
  • Blogging (new obsession)
  • Pasta (any type, anytime, in volumes)
  • WSJ & NY Times (Miss an issue…get hives)
  • Tailgating. Speeding. (So, I’ve been told)
  • Loud music (coupled w foot tapping)
  • Foreign movies (Drifting away to Europe)
  • Words-With-Friends (new addiction)
  • Poor Loser (& frequent loser. See game above)
  • Demonstrating little Patience (hair trigger)
  • Sourcing & implementing excuses to avoid exercise (bordering on professional esp. during the work week)
  • Testing Food Network Recipes (3 in 10 effectiveness score)
  • Cajoling, pushing, pressing, hounding (spell r-e-l-e-n-t-l-e-s-s)
  • Duck hooks with driver (leading to retirement from golf)
  • Sarcasm (achieving mastery in reading, writing and speaking)
  • Sit-ups & crunches (solving chronic lower back pain for 10 years…)
  • King of Queens re-runs (over and over and over)
  • Ingesting Smuckers Orchard’s Finest Northwoods Blueberry Preserves (See prior post #1 and #2))
  • Weekend power naps (knocking down 90 minutes a pop)
  • Offering constructive feedback (working to enhance the global community)
  • Lipton Diet Green Tea Citrus (3-4 bottles a day on weekends)
  • Almonds with Zeke before bedtime (See Zeke + Buddhist Monk + Almonds = Enlightenment!)
  • To bed early (have seen midnight 10x in lifetime)

OK.  Now that I’ve come clean, let’s hear one or two of yours…

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  1. Running (I get very cranky if I don’t run for a few days)
    Diet Mountain Dew (probably need to unmaster this one)


    • Hi MBN. I started on the comments from the bottom and worked up. Amazing at how many of you are fanatical about running or walking. I’ve just slumped into “I’m not worthy” mode. As to the Dew, you’re forgiven…:)


  2. Repetitious or compulsive? Lol.
    Walking. Every day, without fail, 5 plus miles. I alternate four routes so not to get too repetitive.
    Story telling. Same ones. Over and over…….so my family tells me. 🙂


  3. Running for the computer first thing before my eyes are completely open.
    Letting the oven timer beep itself hoarse while I just finish up one more email.


  4. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    Reading – lifelong, good (although I’m accused of not being able to just sit and be).
    Blogging – recent, good BUT comes with baggage (growing internet addiction – bad).
    Running – thankfully at the point where I have to remind myself to take a day off every now and then.


  5. * Hitting the gym, 6 days a week, come what may. (some would say it’s a sickness–I prefer the word discipline 🙂
    * Remembering special days–birthdays, anniversaries, etc. (must confess that I have been forced to rely on electronic aids in the past few years…)
    * Reruns of ‘Burn Notice’ and ‘NCIS’ — (hello, my name is Lori and I’m a ‘cop show addict’)
    * New music–undiscovered singer/songwriters, foreign talents, oldies but goodies–(I love finding new music and love sharing it with others even more)
    * Museums and galleries of every stripe–( I love art and will check out any and every bizarro, out of left field collection I can find. How many can say they’ve toured the Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD or the Tabasco Factory/Museum New Iberia, LA? (a GREAT place to clear the sinuses BTW)
    * Feel compelled to answer a ringing phone (even when I can plainly see that it’s someone I’d rather not talk to)
    * Impatient as hell
    * Eternal optimist (today I just *know* the traffic on I-93 is not going to be as bad as usual…)


    • Good God, you shouldn’t have started with gym 6 days a week. I was numb after your first point. That being said, I LOVE your list. (And the most recent undiscovered singer talent would be?)


      • LOL! You don’t fool me, David–I know you’re out pounding the pavement in the wee hours on a regular basis. As for the music, I should clarify. When I say “undiscovered,” I mean by me or by the general going public, i.e., you don’t hear the singer every time you flip on the radio. With that caveat, i would say that among my newest, happiest “discoveries” are (in no particular order): Eva Cassidy, Kat Edmonson, Rebecca Ferguson (no relation), and Caro Emerald. 🙂


      • Eva Cassidy is one of my favs (Fields of Gold, etc)…:) I will check out the others. Thanks.


  6. Hello David,

    Well, here you go:

    * Reading, Reading, and Reading ! I want something really good, Soul Awakening and Heart Touching to read (every single day) to fulfill the need of my soul just the way we need food for our body,
    * Music and New Music ! Like Donnaanddiablo said Discovering New Singers and songs etc..
    * Games ! Every phone I have ever had I play its Games like a Maniac. In one of the Games my highest score is 195,592 =)
    * I love to sleep so apart all this I prefr to be on bed in my Dreams. lol !

    (Apart Job and MBA altogether I do all this for my Happiness as you usually in your posts say that we should do what we love)


  7. Getting up before the crack of dawn
    Obsessive creative writing (I never have writer’s block, but I do have many unfinished projects)
    Watching what I eat so that I don’t become overweight
    Obsessive about the way I look, the hair, the waistline, the face… you get the picture.
    Wanting to live life on my own terms
    Making sure that the people I love know how I feel
    Trying to be the best person that I possible can when it comes to kindness
    There are more, I am sure, but these are the ones that come readily to mind.



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