T.G.I.F.: It’s so Hot!

dog melting

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  1. Ok, that’s just flat-out adorable…..


  2. Poor puppy…You realize of course that if the same picture was of a human being, I wouldn’t be saying ‘aw’….I’d be wondering why s/he wasn’t in the shower..:-)


  3. Agreed…..adorable! His ears are longer than my feet!


  4. I guess we’re lucky on the west coast. We’ve been complaining about the rain and the cold temps, but now it’s starting to warm up at last. Wonder how long before we complain about the heat too.


  5. We hit 107 degrees Fahrenheit here in NW Alabama last week! My dogs may never be totally solid again! (Much less my feet!)


  6. That is just a too cute picture, he does look like he is melting!


  7. Alex Jones says:

    It rained cold in the morning and grew hot in the evening. British weather is funny.


  8. who’s idea was it, to spread everything that is loose outward and this picture to make it a record of days..that I melt away….


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