Break away for 1 hour, for one of life’s delights…

Before I left to work early this morning. I happened to flip through Steve Layman’s posts from the night before (a morning ritual).  I came across the slogan on the right which he titled “Small Pleasures Add Up.”  His post stuck with me all morning.

My daughter spent Easter weekend with us.  She was leaving today to go back to school. I had to work today.  I had the morning to reflect on her visit as my mind wandered during my meetings – – with Steve’s post lingering as a back drop.

She spent most of the weekend on her favorite couch in the living room.  Resting. Chatting.  Snacking. Texting.

We’ve all settled in like that comfortable old couch.  She’s grown up into a beautiful young woman.  Confident.  Thoughtful.  And, so full of promise.  It wasn’t lost on me that there may be few of these cherished moments left before she goes on to make her own life away from Mom and Dad.  How many Easter’s would we have left?

She’ll be done with her school year in just over a month.  She’d be back home soon.  And as I looked over at my calendar, the day was jammed with meetings after the long weekend.  I’ll just give her a call from the office and say good-bye.

NO.  Not again.  I couldn’t miss this opportunity to say goodbye.

I re-arranged my schedule.  I left work after lunch to get home.  To spend 1 hour with her before she left to catch her train.

She’s gone now.

My eyes well-up as I write this post.

And, I’m trying to think when an hour has meant more to me.

Safe journey Rachel.

Your Dad loves you.

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  1. Time goes by faster then we can ever imagine….good for you for cherishing every moment!

  2. Very sweet. Good decision.

  3. rakanigan says:

    finally got a post about me…made me cry on my train ride home. love you daddy

  4. Spending time with the ones we love is so very important, for if we missed the opportunity we cannot retrieve it again. Your reflection on taking the time to break away is well taken and illustrated. Thanks for sharing.


  5. You’re making me get all teary – I know my time is just around the corner.
    Great post, as always.

  6. Great post…and love her response! Thank you for both the smile and the teary eyes!

  7. Perhaps, the sweetest post I’ve read in a long time! :) As a dad’s daughter, this strikes a chord in me. You’re daughter is lucky to have a dad like you.

  8. What a great story! It made me think of the time about 8 years ago…I had not had my Real-Estate license long, so of course, I was trying to close every “deal” that I could. It was Halloween…I was in Dallas…my kids, an hour away…and I was missing trick-or-treating. I vowed to never miss another moment like that. So…this year, when a good friend went into labor, I rescheduled a client. I love my job…I really do, and I ended up losing those clients, but I gained something much more—a moment that only comes ONCE :)

    • Amy, thanks for sharing. I can recall many of my own “Halloween” moments. Unfortunately, I didn’t “get it” until much later. But as they say, it’s never too late. Yes, the moment does only come once…Dave

  9. That is so sweet!

  10. Ginger Siegel says:

    Beautiful words, Dave

  11. So sweet….you’ll have more wonderful moments and the effort you made just planted the seeds for more cherished moments….

  12. I am overwhelmed at the amount of love expressed in this post and with your daughter’s reply. It was a great reminder to appreciate every moment of our lives.

  13. What a beautiful post. It got me a little teary at the end. Definitely worth appreciating each little moment in life.

  14. How wonderful and touching…

  15. Great choise, David!!! [and wasn’t that hard after all, was it?!

  16. God love you David. That comment posted at 8:00 pm is priceless. May you have many more such moments. S

    • Steve, I read it and almost collapsed. I didn’t want to soil the beauty and innocence of her response with a reply. I see myself returning to her response hundreds of times. Thank you for feeding me the inspiration Steve. Dave

  17. Outstanding David. Our kids grow up far too quickly and I can definitely relate to your sentiment. How many more Easters indeed. Thank you for sharing.

  18. David Wells says:

    When you consider the thousands and thousands of hours that comprise our lives, a relatively small handful will be remembered forever. For you, Dave, this was likely one of them.

  19. Great post, Dave, Happy Easter, Those moments with our children, grandchildren are quality moments, will always remember each, Vera

  20. David, how wonderful that you had that last hour with your daughter! Trust me, as a grandmother now, you will cherish that hour ALWAYS! And you will be SO PROUD of all her accomplishments and her character development as she goes on into full adulthood.

  21. Well done Mr. Kanigan!!! Warmed my heart to read your post – and to see what a wonderful influence VU must be having. ; )

  22. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing this tender story, David.

  23. No matter how grown, she will always be your little girl!

  24. What a nice post,David. I’m sure Rachel will cherish this one. It brought me to tears.

  25. Aww, that really tugged at my heartstrings. Good luck to your daughter.

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