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And wow for Anya Taylor-Joy as Beth Harmon, a young competitive chess player who is determined to become a Grandmaster.

Just another Friday night…

  • 8:05 pm. I arrive at home, 15 hour day. ooooooo, how do you spell, e-n-o-u-g-h…
  • 8:10 pm. Sitting at kitchen table. Thai takeout. Cold. Sticky rice, stucky rice.
  • 8:15 pm. Susan fussing with remote and TV. “Bloody cable box must be broken.”
  • 8:16 pm. DK: “No, must be the TV.  It’s time for one of those new 8K T.V.s.”
  • 8:17 pm. SK: “Are you out of your mind?”
  • 8:17 pm. She continues fussing with remote.
  • 8:18 pm. I’m picking at the cold rice which is slathered with Duck sauce.
  • 8:19 pm. I google Cablevision to see if there are outages. Widespread outages since 7:49 pm.
  • 8:20 pm. DK: “Why don’t you google it?”
  • 8:21 pm. SK: “I’m not googling anything. You google it.”
  • 8:22 pm. 36 years of marriage last week. I sit in silence and pick at the cold Garlic Chicken.
  • 8:23 pm. She reboots the cable box by powering it on and off. She waits for system to reset.
  • 8:26 pm. System resets.  She curses. Still no fix. She’s now irritated, advancing to angry.
  • 8:26 pm. She scurries over to the other room to test that TV.
  • 8:27 pm. She’s back. She’s isolated root cause to a cable problem.
  • 8:28 pm. She resets the entire T.V. to default settings. And waits and waits and waits.
  • 8:39 pm. It’s back up. No fix.
  • 8:40 pm. She runs downstairs to reset cable modem to reset the entire system.
  • 8:45 pm. Alarms beep. Entire system reboots.
  • 8:45 pm. I’m watching her with the remote, clutching a crucifix, whispering to herself.
  • 8:50 pm. Entire system reset. No fix.
  • 8:51 pm. DK: “Why don’t you google it?”
  • 8:52 pm: SK: “I’m not googling anything.”
  • 8:52 pm. She texts neighbor. To learn that neighbor has texted entire neighborhood.
  • 8:53 pm. Neighbor: “Cable out in three states CT, NY, NJ.”
  • 8:53 pm. Three states of cable addicts blitzing Cablevision 800 # and website.
  • 8:54 pm. I’ve moved onto dessert, continue watching this show. Who needs Broadway?
  • 8:55 pm. She googles Cablevision with her back to me. She finds number and dials. She’s on hold.
  • 8:58 pm. After being on hold for several minutes, she learns that it’s the wrong number.
  • 8:59 pm. She collapses onto couch, still clutching the remote.
  • 9:00 pm. I walk upstairs, looking over my shoulder. There she is, eyes closed, slumped on the couch. And I’m the one with problems?

Image & Story: Optimum customers report widespread outages (CtPost, September 6, 2019, 9:42 PM)

Si Says…Chill

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Yes, I watch Duck Dynasty.  My guilty pleasure.  It is on A&E channel RIGHT NOW.  “Duck Dynasty broke records in its third season.  It is the second most watched television series behind “The Walking Dead.”   In the 18-49 demographic, “Duck Dynasty” had a 4.3 rating, beating “American Idol,” which had a 3.2 rating.”  (Over 8,000,000 viewers watched the season premiere.)

“Duck Dynasty is a reality (comedy) television series on A&E. It shows the lives of the Robertson family, who became wealthy from their family-operated business, Duck Commander, operated in West Monroe, Louisiana, which makes products for duck hunters, primarily the duck call named Duck Commander. The Robertson men, brothers Phil and Si, and Phil’s sons Jase, Willie, and Jep, are known for their long, flowing beards.  The business began in a dilapidated family shed, where Phil Robertson spent 25 years making duck calls from Louisiana cedar trees. His son Willie is now the CEO of the company.”

Source: image –  Bio & Background: Wiki & HuffPostTV

TGIF: Treat. Yo. Self.

25 seconds of your time to a guaranteed chuckle to kick off your day!

Source:  Thank you Rachel.

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Be grateful for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice…

The video clip below is a short three minute excerpt featuring Steven Cornford. Cornford, 18 years old when he served in Iraq, was awarded a Silver Star for Valor. He and other vets suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder are returning to Iraq as part of Operation Proper Exit.  This is a moving clip.  He is still so very young.

What the short clip above does not include is Cornford’s closing remarks (which can be found near the end of the full video at “Operation Proper Exit: A return to the war zone“). It was a poignant reminder of the meaning of Memorial Day.  Here’s the excerpts: [Read more…]

The 20 Most Shared TV Ads in 2011

Check out this post at The Best Article Every Day where they show The 20 Most Shared Ads of 2011.   Mesmerizing.  Funny.  Effective.  I had a difficult time picking my top 3 so I’ve given you my top 13 below (and they are not stack ranked).

  1. Art of Flight (Red Bull & Snowboarding – incredible camera work)
  2. Bikers in Cinema (You know what’s going to happen, yet you can take your eyes off what happens next…)
  3. Dear 16 Year Old Me (This one won’t leave my mind – Hits you between the eyes: Melanoma)
  4. 100 Years of Style (Snappy music…)
  5. Unleash Your Fingers (How long did he practice to do this…)
  6. Modern Warfare 3 (Best Music: AC DC)
  7. Unbelievable w/ David Beckham (yes, hard to believe…)
  8. Party Rock Anthem (Funny!)
  9. The Force (We’ve all seen this one; Kid in Darth Vader costume & Volkswagen, cute)
  10. Ken Block’s Gymkhana 4 (Stunt Driver – amazing)
  11. Eklips for Trace (Amazing beat box video)
  12. Danny Macaskill (Shared previously…what talent on a bike)
  13. Taxidermy (Best low budget Ad – funny)

Source: The Best Article Every Day: The 20 Most Shared TV Ads in 2011

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