TGIF: Treat. Yo. Self.

25 seconds of your time to a guaranteed chuckle to kick off your day!

Source:  Thank you Rachel.

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  1. What a riot! This concept so works for me! 🙂


    • My Rachel shared the clip with me. I watched it. Said it was silly. (Stupid actually). I let it sit. Then watched it 2, 3, 4, 5, 6x and finally said enough. More have to see this. It is a riot. It left me wanting for more after it was over.


  2. TREAT YO SELF!! I love it!! You were right – I laughed for 25 seconds, and then some..


  3. Only once a year?!


  4. Great motivational speech! I gonna treat myself today!



  5. lkanigan says:

    “Yo” your right…LoL!!


  6. This is a bad video clip! I didn’t comment on it this morning, but now I have to. I was in Costco today and they had these taste tables where they try to entice you to buy something you had no intentions of buying. Well, I tasted Kettle’s potato chips, the very salty/peppery kind, and then I thought of that video clip “Treat yo’self,” and I bought a bag of these chips. I would otherwise have been able to pass by and not be tempted but this motto from the clip was running through my mind. Now I’m $5.99 poorer and my blood pressure is probably up because of the salt….M-M-m-m-m-m-m-man they’re good chips.


  7. Yeah, what a great appeal to a Dad. You have a smart girl. ( smile).


  8. I adore Parks and Recreation!


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