You don’t have 180 sec to watch? Yes you do. Yes you do.

Monday Mantra: Just Do It.


How do we forgive ourselves
for all of the things
we did not become?

~ David “Doc” Luben


  • Excerpt from “14 Lines from Love Letters or Suicide Notes” by David ‘Doc’ Luben.  Luben was the feature poet on August 5th at the Vancouver Poetry Slam.  Find the youtube video of the performance here. Original source: Artpropelled.
  • Photograph: Stephan Wurst via Tri-ciclo

I leave the door unlocked. I leave the lights on.

Neil Hilborn, a poet with OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), performs at the Rustbelt Regional Poetry Slam in Madison, Wisconsin.

“The first time I saw her everything in my head went quiet. All the tics, all the constantly refreshing images just disappeared. When you have obsessive compulsive disorder you don’t really get quiet moments… When I saw her, the only thing I could think about was hairpin curve of her lips or the eyelash on her cheek, eyelash on her cheek, eyelash on her cheek.”


“…People used to tell me that I had beautiful hands…there were far too many stuffed animals to hold, too many homework assignments to write, too many boys to wave at, too many years to grow. We used to have a game, my dad and I, about holding hands. Cos we held hands everywhere. And every time either he or I would whisper a great big number to the other, pretending that we were keeping track of how many times we had held hands…Hands learn to hold other hands. How to grip pencils and mould poetry. How to tickle piano keys, dribble basketballs and grip the handles of a bicycle. How to hold old people and touch babies. I love hands like I love people…You need a firm handshake, but don’t hold on too tight, but don’t let go too soon, but don’t hold on for too long…

Sarah Kay Bio:  Sarah Kay, 24, began performing her spoken-word poetry when she was only 14 years old—quickly becoming a fixture at the famous Bowery Poetry Club in New York City, and from there went on to become a featured speaker at the 2011 TED Conference, where the poem she presented on “The Rediscovery of Wonder” garnered two standing ovations and has now been seen by over two million people online. Sarah is the founder and co-director of Project V.O.I.C.E., a education organization that celebrates and inspires self-expression in youth through spoken-word poetry. Through her involvement with the organization, Sarah has taught spoken-word poetry to students of all ages, in classrooms and workshops all over the world. She is also a documentary filmmaker, playwright, singer, songwriter, photographer, and editor for Write Bloody Publishing, and holds a Master’s Degree in The Art of Teaching from Brown University.  She is the author of the book B, which was ranked the number one poetry title on  (Source:

Don’t edit your ugly out of your bio

Llama on Farm Funny Teeth

“Don’t google your name. Ever.
Don’t “search” for yourself
on anything that glows in the dark.
Don’t let your beauty
be something anyone can turn off.
Don’t edit your ugly out of your bio.
Let your light come from the fire.
Let your pain be the spark,
but not the timber.
Remember, you didn’t come here
to write your heart out.
You came to write it in.”

— Andrea Gibson

Llama Image Source:  Poem Source: Andrea Gibson via JournalofaNobody.  Andrea Gibson Bio @ wiki.

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