Sunday Morning: “There’s no words”

“Damned is the man who abandons himself”
These six words show
That the worse the situation is
Never, ever should a man consider it is lost.

~ Raimundo A. Sobrinho

Raimundo Arruda Sobrinho, 77, is a Brazilian poet and writer. Born in a rural area of Goiás on 1 August 1938, he moved to São Paulo at the age of 23 where he worked as a gardener and a book seller. In the late 1970s, early 1980s, nearly at the end of the military dictatorship of Brazil, he became homeless, and this lasted for nearly 35 years. During this period he wrote several poems and short stories, but they remained unknown until they were discovered by Shalla Monteiro in April 2011.

Thank you Sawsan

Sunday Morning: Sebastião Salgado

“After 8 years of traveling the planet, capturing the natural world in its most pristine state…I discovered that a huge part of the planet is yet as the day of the beginning…what I wished to show was the planet in total equilibrium…us in equilibrium with our nature…I worked with the Nenets in the north of Siberia…all that a family has is minimum…there I discovered the sense of essential…to survive, and to survive well, to be happy, to love our child, to love our wife, to be close with nature, you don’t need all this.  I don’t know if I succeed with these pictures, but my wish is to do a homage to the planet…a portrait of the planet.”

See more of Sebastião Salgado’s amazing black and white photos at this link.

Sebastião Salgado, 69,  is a Brazilian social documentary photographer and photojournalist.  Salgado initially trained as an economist and switched to photography in 1973.  He is particularly noted for his social documentary photography of workers in less developed nations.  He has traveled in over 100 countries for his photographic projects. Salgado has been awarded numerous major photographic prizes in recognition of his accomplishments and a sustained, significant contribution to the art of photography. (Source: Wiki)

Thank you Joan Walters @ Canadian Art Junkie for pointing me to this video and to Sebastião Salgado.

Monday Morning Wake Up Call: Hair Gel applied. Ready to roll…

guira cuckoos by Jason Ellison via fairy wren

The cute birds are Guira Cuckoos and are found in Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia and Argentina.  It is generally rather shaggy-looking and has a total length of 13 in).  It feeds on large arthropods, frogs, eggs, small birds (not nice cuckoo) and small mammals such as mice.  It is not an accomplished flier, mostly gliding or hoping from one perch to another.  The bird’s call is unmistakeable for bieng long and shrill, something between a long whistle and a wailing.  (Just what we need for a wake-up call on a Monday Morning.)

Source: Thank you fairywren for the photo by Jason Ellison.

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