Easter Sunday

Biggest crowd at Cove Island Park that I’ve seen in 1069 consecutive (almost) days of my morning walks. Like in a row. More photos from this morning’s walk here.


  1. Gorgeous pictures. Was this an Easter sunrise service?

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  2. One gentleman was overheard commenting to his wife, “ Angie, thats the same guy who was walking around last year taking pictures and he doesn’t have a PRESS ID. Maybe we should call the police? You know, see something, say something.”

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  3. Beautiful Easter morning!

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  4. A moment of collective grace – would that we felt that everyday…

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  5. so incredibly different in the full day’s light and with lots of people there. I love the ‘no press i.d.’ thing


  6. I love this photo, the way the light is, and everything about it. Happy Easter!


  7. Beautiful, lively photos — can almost hear the happy murmurs! And I love the bird-over-the-water shots; some wings in flight always seem a “v” for victory — as does the geese’s V’s. Happy Easter.🌹


  8. Christie says:

    I loved the group of photos…esp the Sunrise Service of Easter Morning The
    Sun Rise, an illustration of He Has Risen!!!


  9. Dave, the picture is one of hope in a time of seemingly hopelessness.

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