Wally’s Great Adventures (58 – VOLUME UP – I had a lot of things to do today but…)

hello friends, wally here. decided rather than telling you all about my adventures, i would share lyrics from a great song by Gunnarolla titled “I Took a Nap” that captures my day…here we go: “I had a lot of things to do today / But you know what I did instead / I took a nap / It was a very good nap / That email / I took a nap / Zoom call / I took a nap / What about your lunch plan / I (ate lunch then) took a nap / House chores / I took a nap / Home workout? / I took a nap / Bath time? / I took a nap… / I woke up from the nap to get things done / But you know what I did instead / I took a nap / It was a very good nap…..” have a great sunday. Wally.


  1. A great idea!! I think I’ll take a nap.

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  2. Brilliant DK 😆
    Naps help you grow big and strong Wally.

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  3. Is that really a song? with those lyrics? would love to hear it…will search later. Wally, why not…NAP? You may know what is good for you…even though others are usually wiser about your well-being….

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  4. So funny


  5. Excellent advice Wally! That show dog training is really working great!


  6. Ahhhh! Life is good.


  7. That’s what Sundays are for!


  8. Thos is the Life, Wally ❤️


  9. The best kind of naps – when there’s so much to do, the mere thought of it all makes you sleepy..


  10. Where and how did you find this song, that’s what I want to know 😂


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