duende 3

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  1. I always say the words out loud when you post them…I like the way they feel as much as I like their meanings. Happy Friday my friend.


  2. love these–they are life expanding


  3. That is too funny…I was just reading through the words, saying them out loud ’cause they’re so wonderful on the tongue, and then I scroll down to Mimi’s remarks. Birds of a feather… 🙂 I experienced an amazing rimjhim in Nevis a couple of years ago that still echoes in my mind, and I’ll be sharing a fika with M in a few weeks. Wooo hooo. Happy Friday, pal!


  4. Lucky me that I know “Rimjhim” as Urdu & Hindi are almost 50% the same. (P.S. I can speak in Urdu, Sindhi & Brahvi also BUT I wish I could speak French & German 🙂 ) Pabitel is SO me. Your collection of words from other languages has the power to evoke awe and wonder.


  5. and on the other end of the spectrum, i can barely speak english correctly at times, but i do know that i love these words you post )


  6. May your weekend be filled with duende.


  7. Duende is also a visitor, a fairy of sorts. I like to remember that I am being visited, blessed by an invisible when Duende happens. Thank you for these reminders of the joy and wonders of language!


  8. Ahhh…rimjhim


  9. Finer Things in Life says:

    Wonderful collection, yet again. I grew up in Spain and “due de” is also a friendly spirit that lives in the house and protects the house and the family. Each house has one 🙂


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