It’s all coming my way…

I’m off and running. (Tipped the scales at new 12-month record.  Quite a bingeing week. Proud of yourself Pal?  How far are you going to take this up?)

Humid morning, but not overly so for this time of the year.  (Yet, you are sweating profusely.  Ahhhhh, yes.  Thai food last night.  Equivalent of 1/8 lb intravenous injection of NaCl.  And yes, that accounts for the weight jump.  Water retention.  Wave of relief – weight gain should be erased by morning.  Will just slug back 3 quarts of water today.  And Voila – back to sleek, fighting weight.)

Endomondo says that I’m 1/2 mile and 4 minutes ahead of what Garmin is recording.  (Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  Third run in a row and Endomondo has been wildly encouraging.  And wildly wrong.  I retract my prior glowing review. Yellow lights are flashing on this app.  My trusty Garmin soldiers on.)

Two Miles.  Sweat continues to roll.  Rub my forehead with my forearm.  Taste the Thai food salt now.  (For as much as I’m secreting here, or is it excreting, I should bottle it like Worcestershire…)

Three miles.  Sweat is still top of mind. (And top of head, back, legs, chest. Lori says that dogs sweat through mouth.  You, Pal, sweat from every pore and orifice of your body.  Better get word association cranked up to distract you from your exhaustion. You’re gasping for air with 2.5 miles to go.  It has to be that this sweat is weighing me down.  Even my shorts feel like I’m wearing a large wet towel.

Four milesFeel like I’m dragging an anchor here.  Is it possible for you to complain any more?  Enjoy the ride.  I’m dying here.  So, what do we play today?  What do we play?  Got it.  What foods do you salt?  Be better if you played, what foods don’t you salt.  You are ambidextrous – equally adept at wielding the salt shaker with right or left hand – you sit at dinner table – ready for war.  Death grip on fork in right hand – – and salt shaker in left.  Spraying salt on everything before you taste it.  Been scolded so many times.  ‘It’s bad for you. Bad for your heart.  Bad for blood pressure. Creates hypertension. Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah.’  I am. I be.  I salt.  Corn. Burgers.  Pasta. Potatoes. Steak. Chicken. Rice. Broccoli. Eggs. Burgers. Fish. Tomatoes. Soup. Cauliflower.  Popcorn. Avocado. Come to think of it, Thai food may be one of the few things that I don’t salt.)

Five Miles: Come on.  I can finish this.  Don’t quit here.  Yes.  Back to salt.  First it was the whole butter-margarine debate.  Then the less-anger-is-good-for-you-debate. Then the multi-tasking debate.  Then the no-debate notion that salt-is-bad-for-you that’s been hanging over me at each meal FOREVER.  And now, this too, has turned with new research. As Michael Brown @ Real Learning, For A Change said, “Oh how I love it when I read something which challenges an important “truth.”

…Researchers began publishing the results from a series of clinical trials, all of which reported that, among patients with heart failure, reducing salt consumption increased the risk of death. (New York Times: Salt, We Misjudged You.)

IT’S ALL COMING MY WAY. Research on benefits of ice cream, jam, donuts and potato chips coming soon.

Look forward to my upcoming post on new research that turns yet more conventional wisdom on its head: “Less Confident People Are More Successful.”  (Take that Mimi.  Can’t wait for your retort after the pending post.)

It’s a Wrap. Time for a Nap: Running Time – 23 seconds ahead of last Sunday (Garmin Time).

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  1. Go easy on yourself, my friend! Do the right things and the right results will follow. You CAN reverse this trend…


  2. Sorry to disappoint you – I totally believe that theory…Believe to this day that I am a total sham and will one day be discovered for what I really am. As did my boss (who was far more successful than I will ever be) and the most highly regarded people in the firm…


  3. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    I spent all that time and effort retraining my taste buds to get used to less salt – all for NOTHING?


  4. I too am of the habit of salting before tasting my food. I get it from my mom, who will salt a candy bar (I’m not that bad- yet!).
    I have to listen to music when I run, or the voices in my head would make me stop much sooner than I want to!


    • Hi Heather. I’m bad (very) but I’m with you – I’ve never salted a candy bar. 🙂 As to the music, I too listen to music…maybe I just need to turn volume up to drown out the voices. 🙂


  5. The salt news makes me feel better. Just read some advice from a famous chef that said the single biggest problem with home cooks is that we don’t use enough salt. Well, let it rip!


  6. Hang around long enough David and all the inconvenient “truths’ will be turned on their head! ! I am particularly pleased to read recently that I don’t drink enough red wine!

    Very grateful for two mentions from you in just one week.

    Oh, and just to put your salt guilt into perspective: if that is the vice which occupies your mind when you let it, try swapping with mine. You make me feel lazy, I indulge myself with too much sleep, I don’t exercise enough and I bet I am a complete alcoholic compared with you. There might be one difference which keeps me going though: I hardly ever think about it.


    • Laughing. “I hardly ever think about it.” I so need to learn this Michael…This clanking around in my head constantly…noise drowns out life. 🙂


      • Hey David. Final thought for the weekend, to set you up for your week ahead. You say you need to mearn how to fix the stuff clanking around in your head. Guess what? It is fixable!!!! I shall have to get my mate onto you. He used to “fix” people with broken necks who had “I am never going to walk again” clanking around in their heads. Sorted out their thinking (he talks about stuff like reticular activating systems) and got them out of bed and walking again. I sure think he can sort you out with your salt!

        Are you up for it?


      • As long as treatment is complimentary and avoids waterboarding, brainwashing or hypnosis, I’m game. 🙂


  7. Thx for the mention, David! I have to confess that salt is not my Achilles heel, but I’m with Michael, I have been delighted by the spate of recent reports indicating that red wine is a healthy daily libation–“Why yes, dear, you *can* top of that glass of old vine Zin–thank you!” 🙂


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