Living in Two Different Worlds. But operating in one mind.

My Uncle.

  • Husband. 
  • Father of three terrific (now adult) children.
  • Retired Millwright.
  • Beekeeper. (He’d offer so sweet honeycomb picked off a hot knife)
  • Gardener. (He’d bring over juicy plums, peaches and apricots)
  • Farmer. (Hay Baler Cotter pins busting. Yelling and scrambling to get alfalfa in before rain)
  • Base singer in Men’s Choir. (Deep, Deep voice)
  • Photographer. (Black & White specialty including film processing in his dark room)
  • Cyclist. (20+ miles a loop.  Pumping up and down.  Relentless.  And alone)
  • Cross-Country Skier. (10+ miles a pop.  Traversing the most difficult Monashee Mountain terrain.  Alone)
  • Volunteer Organizer for Charity
  • Woodcarver/Artisan. (Handcrafted jewelry boxes.  Smooooooooth.  Wood grain glistening.)

    My Uncle is “All-In” in whatever he engages in – – a deep commitment, dedication and a subject matter expertise acquired by one do-over, to another do-over to another – – until he gets it just right. While I don’t share his passion for or accomplishments in these areas, we share deep kinship in others – – both of us now operating thousands of miles apart in different worlds. 
    An enjoyment of solitude.
    We prefer fewer words (no words?) to more. 

AND, we have a lightening fast-twitch, volcanic anger muscle that pops…spewing collateral damage in its wake.

I didn’t understand my Uncle when I was young.  I’ve learned.  I AM HIM.

I’m trying to turn the screws on genes.  And, it’s a rough ride through discomfort zone. Let the *good* flow in – – immerse yourself in it.  Be Grateful.  See the GOOD.  Be the GOOD.  Before pouncing – – PAUSE.  Count to three.  Engage in dialogue.  FORCE yourself out of your comfort zone – – that’s where the real growth lies.

So, I had to smile when I came across the Google photo above of my Uncle.  He’s wearing a t-shirt with a Gandhi Quote:

What Would Gandhi Do?  Be the change you wish to see.”

Uncle, you’ve never said much.  But I hear you.  Loud and clear.  On this Sunday morning, and every Sunday morning, I’m with you.

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  1. Love it…be the change you wish to see! Happy Sunday David


  2. lkanigan says:

    Man of little words but enormous heart! You nailed this…made me laugh, made cry. May have not liked some of the experiences when we were young but the memories today are great. Thanks.


  3. Sounds like a wonderful role model.


  4. It would seem that you both are turning the genetic screws – each in your own way. As your uncle poses the question, you are trying to live the answer. And to know that volcanic eruptions leave unintended damage in their wake – and to try and do something about limiting the breadth of the wake, is quite a testament to you. As similar as you may be to your uncle – and as intriguing an individual as he seems to be – your DNA is all yours kiddo. It’s a marvelous mishmash of familial characteristics that blended into you. And from the objective vantage point of one who can only read what you offer out to the world, I would say that you’ve done pretty damn well with the incredible talents and generous spirit that you have.


    • Thank you Mimi.


      • Thank you David – for knowing that my comments came from a caring place and not taking umbrage. You have always been straight in your comments to me, and I couldn’t bear the thought of you beating yourself up when you’re clearly trying so hard to soften some edges which may hurt others. I’ve not met many people willing to do that. Have a good day.


      • Of course Mimi. Of course. At times, I just have nothing of value to add or contribute to what you’ve said. Most of the time, you so hit the nail on the head, I don’t want to pollute your kind words with stuff. A thank you is all I have to give. 🙂


  5. Don’t know which part of this post to comment on. I loved all of what you said. I only know you through your blog; and through your blog, you are a man of many important words. Keep educating, David.


  6. richardkanigan says:

    I am still running to get the cotter pins, or whatever else I thought I heard. I have learned to bring extra stuff in case you didn’t hear it quite right.


  7. What a great role model!!


  8. This is great! God bless him! And you! And everyone!

    Have a good day & week.. and life!


  9. You and your uncle will make Gandhi proud yet!


  10. Maya Kanigan says:

    Love your posts, David, especially this one because its your voice and your subject is one of my favorite people! And thanks for referring to us as terrific children:).


    • Hi Maya. Thank you very much. (Amazing how you managed to pick up the 3 words in the entire post that were directed squarely at you!) You, Jack and Bob are terrific cousins! Thanks for dropping by.


  11. your uncle est un grand monsieur as we say in french 🙂 lovely post and a generous picture of what is essential in life !


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