Oh, what terrible choices…

I’m up 7 and gaining momentum.  And LOSING.

Two weeks ago I banged the LIKE button on Kristin Barton Cuthriell’s excellent post: Every Behavior and Every Thought Has A Consequence.  And while reading, I was simultaneously muttering under my breath knowing she’s right.  Her post lingers… (like an unseemly cracked cold sore).

Off goes the funny Hump Day Exercise Post this morning (aka “you are a loaf”).  Two important insights: 

  1. Posts on this blog don’t land here without some reason.
  2. Nothing funny about the background for the Hump Day post. I’m up 5 pounds in March alone.  By Monday, after a weekend of horrible choices, I’m up 7 pounds.  And I’m wee bit anxious about stepping on the scale tonight to get an update on my backward progress.

    I can eat dessert.  I am a dessert MONSTER.  Let’s pick any given Sunday.  Like this last one.

Dessert for Breakfast: Pancakes with maple syrup. And not just any kind of pancakes.  New recipe for DEEP-FRIED pancakes from the New York Times.  Lip-smacking good. Servings: 6. (Exaggeration quotient: 0)

Mid-morning Dessert Nip:  Entenmann’s chocolate icing covered chocolate donuts.  Servings: Two.  (Two Donuts).  And, on a good day, I can chainsaw through 4 and remain standing.

Dessert after Lunch:  Chocolate chip cookies. (2)  Oatmeal raisin cookies.  (1).  Hands are trembling yearning for a fourth.

Dessert after dinner:  Greek Vanilla Yogurt. Healthy right? I’m not finished. I need to jack-it-up with 2 heaping teaspoons of cherry jam.  And not just any kind of cherry jam: Smucker’s Michigan Red Tart Cherry Preserves.  And I’ve made progress on portion control…I’ve gone from soup bowl to a ramekin.  Average day: 1.5 ramekins of Greek Vanilla Jacked-Up-Jam Yogurt.

Let’s get back to today and how we landed on this topic.  So, I’m coming home from my road trip tonight.  (Oh yea.  McDonald’s at airport waiting to board.  Crispy Chicken Sandwich + Cheeseburger + Fries.  (Supersize).  No unhealthy soda for me.  Bottled water.  What a champ!

And after I land, I come across a post from my another favorite blogger friend Christian Fahey (The Upside) who happens to re-blog Kristin’s post and freshen up my memory of her scolding.   THEY’RE STALKING ME NOW!

Yes, Kristin, one bad choice stacked up on another.

Yes, Kristin, “every choice we make has a consequence.”

Yes, Kristin “You are in control of your choices and with this comes great power and freedom.”

My reality?

Title: “Yea I’m Free Falling” – – Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers


  1. My Big Ear Friend Image from NotASpoonFullOfSugar
  2. “Title” structure inspired by Just Keep Running (you make me LOL)


  1. Great post……….our actions have consequences!


  2. Haha, oh dear; I can relate! : )


  3. This lovely big eared creature chewing is hilarious!!!! [I can’t stop watching it!]


  4. That’s fantastic! And just wait… It’s Easter-candy time too, so you can graze on all those goodies as well (I’ve already begun, personally). 🙂


  5. David, I wake up this morning and what do I see? I see that you have put me and my post about consequences in your awesome blog. Thank you for that. I am glad that it helped you or stalked you, however you would like to look at it. You know that I love your work and am a fan of your blog. Replace Tom Petty’s “Yea I’m Free Falling” with Rocky’s theme “Getting Strong Now” You can do whatever you set your mind to do! (That is probably the name of one of your posts) Good Luck, David. Thank you again. Kristin
    *Love the chewing!


  6. “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first the scale we try to deceive.”

    Sorry, feeling poetic this am. Great post David.


  7. Ohhhh man do I know that sugar slide! I’m doing the primal blueprint diet right now, and it’s remarkable how little sugary treats appeal to me anymore. My big weakness? Alcohol. It’s been a hard thing to give up, but so necessary to limit it.


  8. Awesome post, I can totally relate! Thank you for sharing it’s so nice to know others struggle with the same things I do!


  9. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    … just keep running (start running?) … you’ve lots of food for thought while you do it… and after awhile, unbelievable as it seems now, you won’t even WANT all the desserts … trust me – been there.


  10. Love reading about your dietary battles while watching that dear little deer just muching away at something very low calorie, totally organic, and very nourtishing, no doubt. Now THAT is an example to us all!


  11. Dude! You’re far to good to fall into this trap. Do what you already know…


  12. I hear dessert calling me. lol


  13. Deep fried pancakes? I so need to find that recipe! Thanks a lot, Dave … have you had them since?

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