“I am not good at it…” (right)


Utham has a photography blog @ Light Touch with a tag line of “Just wondering at the miracle called life.”  Utham is from Kochi, India.  He is a neurosurgeon by profession and an amateur photographer.  His world as he describes it is “mostly of diseases, disabilities and deaths, mixed with occasional hopes and some happiness.  Perhaps, that keeps me humble, with feet firmly on the ground.”  He states in his bio “the charm of photography is in freezing the fleeting moment in time – forever. And, often, making the invisible, visible…all plain and simple.”  Utham shares some background on himself at this link including “beauty is something I love to see in people…(I love) caring for the less fortunate…and he goes on to assess his competency in photography stating that “I am not good at it.”  Sorry, Utham, I’d have to strongly disagree…you and your (spare time) work are “plain and simple” inspiring.  Check out Utham’s blog at Light Touch.

Source: Thank you Cristi @ Simple. Interesting for showing me the way to Utham

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  1. Beautiful…and his spirit is also!


  2. Alex Jones says:

    I am inspired by such wonderful photographs, and do love the architecture image.


  3. I’m with you, David–beg to disagree! I especially like the image of the fishing boats. Lovely…


  4. lkanigan says:

    Here we go again…neurosurgeon & great photographer. Come on now!


  5. THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH ( in capitals ! ) , David , for your kind words and for the post. When I started the blog nearly six months back , I was really not sure about how the response will be . But the friends in the blogging world have been extremely helpful . Their suggestions , criticisms and appreciation have done a world of good to my skills. And this post is something I will cherish for a long time . David , I am grateful .

    And friends , who have visited the blog and posted comments , I am thankful to you all . I do not have any formal training in photography. I am quite aware of it . I try to make up for it , by learning on the net -by following several excellent photography blogs and watching the websites of master photographers.I know, I have a long way to go. Your encouragement and appreciation motivate me to work harder and do better . Thanks again for all the nice words.



  6. David, I couldn’t agree with you more. I have been following uthamz for some time and I marvel at his natural talent!


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