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Thinking too @#$%^&* Much…

I got off to a late start this morning.  Reading posts.  Watching videos.  (Now, in addition to these cat videos that I can’t seem to stop watching, I’m watching Mimi’s and LaDona’s video posts – they’ve figured out how to post videos – watch out world, these ladies are Game On.)

It’s hot. (Cursing that I got off to a late start.  Maybe I can go half-way today.  Oh, here we go again.  Rationalizing away my exercise before I’ve even started.  You are sad sack, Pal.)

Today’s theme: I see.  (I think.) (Too much.)

Mile 0:  Garmin/GPS fired up.  And I hit START on Mr. Endomondo. And off we go.

I see the house on my route.  The one with their dog chained on a short leash.  Not today.  (He always seems to always be on leash.  A short leash.  Always barking like he’s giving out a distress signal.  Free Me!  Free Me!  But, thankfully, He’s not out today.  I feel my spirits lift.)

I see a bunny hop in front of me.  You know the little ones with a cotton ball for a tail.  It has a piece of grass in its mouth. (What male adult says bunny?  Are you a five year old?  These rabbits are everywhere.  Wonder if this is a global warming thing.)

Mile 1: Endomondo says that I’m 10 seconds behind.  (All this depressing thinking of dogs on leashes in the hot sun and global warming.  Large burden to carry.  Like attracts like.  Turn it pal.  Turn it.)

I see trash.  KFC box.  Coke can.  Plastic cup. Taco Bell bag.  All on shoreline.  (Bro said that the trash from the Fukushima nuclear meltdown is now hitting the shores of Vancouver Island.  We are all connected.  And the anchor is pulling us all down together.)

Mile 2:  Endomondo says that I’m 8 seconds behind.

I see my geese.  And, two large swans. Beautiful creatures preening themselves.  (Birds eat trash. Fish eat trash.  We eat birds and fish so we’re eating trash.  Good. God. Man.  Are you on a Batan Death March this morning?)

I see lady in front of me running.  She’s about 1/4 mile ahead. (Heavy set lady.  Grinding it out.  Good for her.  I check out her shoes and her shirt.  Unbranded.  Then I look down at my fire-engine red Under Armour running shirt, Adidas running shorts and Asics running shoes – which all scream – – If I can’t run, at least I can look like a runner.  Tina’s post (Judgment by A First Impression Can Be Very Wrong) comes to mind.  Hmmmmm.  I pass her and say Good Morning.)

Mile 3: Endomondo says that I’m 23 seconds ahead.  (Not sure how that happened.  Must be the branded equipment pulling me forward.)

I see an elderly woman pushing her husband in a wheelchair. Chair is equipped with a breathing apparatus and tanks. (Don’t avert your eyes. Will that be you? Will you be lucky enough to have someone pushing your wheelchair?)

Mile 4: Endomondo says that I’m 43 seconds ahead. (Must be running scared.  I won’t get old.  I won’t be in a wheel chair. I’ll beat this thing.)

I see Grandma pushing grandson in stroller in Park. Boy is beaming and pointing. (Ken & Lauren had their baby boy this week. Head full of Jet black hair. Sleeping peacefully in stroller. Lori had her baby. Theresa & Dom’s son is coming in September – their first. All miracles. But, we don’t need any miracles from you too soon Rachel. I know we had you when we were young. You have time. And Eric, your use head. Not that you would ever read this.)

Mile 5: Endomondo says that I’m 48 seconds ahead. (Great job!  Funny the lift I get from a few words of encouragement.  Words Matter…even from a machine.  And thoughts matter.  Get the mind on babies and puppies and you get immediate lift.  But, let’s be honest here Pal.  You picked a time from a month ago to track against.  So, natch your pace will be better.  Here we go again.  Can’t you cut yourself some slack?  You are out running aren’t you?)

I see house with dog.  The one with the dog on short leash and always barking.  Barking.  Barking.  Barking.  (Friday, Nancy called me ‘bi-polar’ after one of my rants. Kim called me Jekyll & Hyde three weeks back. Rachel laughed when I told her.  Well, Hyde will be back.  There will come a day…a day of reckoning…it will come.  Bolt-cutters will come out and I will free that creature.  And they’ll be lucky if I don’t snuggly synch that short leash around their necks and chain them to the post.  I can’t bear to hear him barking.  Or see him on short leash in hot sun.  Amazing perspective change since Zeke joined the family.  Don’t know that I would have cared 5 years ago.)

I run past the house.  No dog on leash.  No dog barking.  (Thank God.  Hyde remains in closet for the time being.  Calm settles in.)

Mile 5.5:  Endomondo says that I finished 1.06 minutes ahead.  (Ahead?  Hmmmmm…Are you exhausted from the run?  Or from the run around your mind?  Time for a nap.)

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Image: A Bird Eye View


  1. Sigh…I raise the white flag..Happy thoughts – puppies, babies and bunnies and your time improves..I’m glad at least that you have found that angry, self-degrading thoughts are not the only motivators that can help you in your quest to beat the app…I totally get why your thoughts run as they do, and marvel at how you can keep track of it all while running and reading your results…and not tripping over your feet! 🙂


  2. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    Just came in from my run. Thought I was exhausted. Then I read those thoughts (clanking) in your head. Now I’m done for the day.


  3. lkanigan says:

    LMAO. Good thing for all your gadgets otherwise with all those thoughts you would be Forrest Gump and never stop running! I’m with you on the dog…what’s with people?


  4. That’s what it’s like in my head on those nights when I can’t sleep.


  5. Good morning David, great post. I was with you every step if the way, I could see the road, trash and the people you encountered, what a great run. I am glad there was no dog today as that would have been upsetting. Thank you for the mention of my post and I hope you are enjoying that well deserved nap. Happy Sunday!


  6. Love the way you write, David! Giggling like a fiend all the way through the post–I was out there with ya mile for mile. I, too, run all sorts of tape in my head when working out. It’s therapeutic. And the dog thing–I’m right there with ya….


  7. It’s amazing what one sees when they pay attention. I too felt like I was on your journey this morning….and I’m tired! Well done.


  8. Hello, David ! You know when you write “LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE” for me it actuallty summarizes your post =) every single word that we choose to write hardly one can get into that level of frequency to actually feel it that way.


  9. Very interesting post, you have very good observation power, i envy you.


  10. Theresa says:

    Mile 4…..awe. soon the miracle will be here. Hope you’re going to be ok when I’m gone!!


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