Lead Me Home

During his last school break, my Eric hooked me on the AMC Series The Walking Dead. (A wonderful, uplifting and nurturing series on humanity. Sarcasm dripping.)  This song, “Lead Me Home” by Jamie N. Commons, premiered on the show.  Commons, 23, is a singer-songwriter who was born in Bristol, England.  He relocated with his family to Chicago at the age of six where he was immersed in Chicago Blues.  He returned back to the UK at 16.  Raspy like Tom Waits – gothic like Nick Cave…amazing young talent.  His new album, Rumble & Sway, was released last month.

Jamie N Commons – Lead Me Home from Jordan Bahat on Vimeo.

Friday night with Tom Waits and Waltzing Matilda…

Tom Waits is certainly an acquired taste.   I first came across Waits in two movies.  The must see flick: The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (“All the World is Green” and “Green Grass”) and an Italian movie with Robert Benigni titled The Tiger of the Snow (“You Can Never Hold Back Spring“).  Here’s Waits singing “Waltzing Matilda” – – Australia’s most widely known bush ballad – – which I’ve been told is “the unofficial national anthem of Australia.”  We’ll need our Aussie friends to confirm…


Friday Night with Chris Botti…


Image Source: expensivelife via marcdesa

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Drifting on a Saturday Afternoon with Anna Vandas…

Canadian (BC) musician and artist.  Love her music on slow, lazy and easy Saturday afternoons.  Here’s 2 music videos and one of her paintings.  You can find more on her facebook page or her blog.  Or her album on iTunes – All I Thought I Knew.

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Sunday Morning: You can never hold back Spring…

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