There’ll be days like this

Home at last, I haul in the grocery bags, swallow a couple of extra-strength Tylenol, put the entire Van Morrison play list on the stereo, and spend the afternoon roasting vegetables and making pasta sauce, salad, and a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Outside, the rain comes down in sheets. I am singing “Days Like This,” belting out the song. The kitchen fills with good smells.

~ Katrina Kenison, Magical Journey: An Apprenticeship in Contentment

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Walking Cross-Town. On A Golden Autumn Day.


I’m on the 5:40 am train to Grand Central.
I dose through most of the ride in.
The throngs spill out into Manhattan.

It’s 15° F, but feels like 0°.
Frigid wind gusts rush through the concrete canyons, whistling as they pass by.
Salt is gnawing on snow and ice.
Steam from underground tunnels billows out of steel grates and evaporates into air.
Now you see it, now you don’t.

The streets are beginning to stir.
Cabs. Delivery trucks. Construction workers.

I’m marching cross-town on 48th.
Headphones in. Playlist set to “My Top Rated.”

Gloves on.
Ear lobes are tingling, frost-bite workin’.
No hat. Can’t mess what hair I have left.

The wind shocks the corneas, my eyes water.
I see him a block away. A mirage.
I wipe my left eye.

It’s the legs I notice first.
They are suspended.
Swinging wildly, jointless.

I’m closing in.
Forearm crutches. Not one. Both arms.
He leaning in.
Right. Left. Right. Left. Right. Left.

I’m 30 feet away.
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An old flannel shirt, and…


poem,Alain W. Wilde

Credits: Poem @ hellocharliepalmer. Photo from When I’m Older

Ben Howard

Ben Howard, 25, an award winning singer-songwriter who was born in West London.  He was raised by musical parents who exposed him to their favorite records from singer-songwriter artists from the 1960s and 1970s at an early age, like Van Morrison, Joni Mitchell and Simon Garfunkel,  by which he was strongly influenced. Ben Howard has won best British male and best breakthrough act at the Brit Awards.  As he collected his first award, he said: “I’m not very good at speeches. I’m not very good at dancing.”  He also thanked his mother, saying, “She’s rung a lot of old friends to ask them to vote for this.”

Listen to the Lion

I wondered how it was possible that this Van Morrison track slipped from my playlists – and then I glanced at length of track (11+ minutes) and I understood.  I was in too much of a hurry.  11 minutes was an eternity.  Today, I didn’t want this tune to end.

Listen to the Lionhas been said to rank amongst Morrison’s greatest work. During the 11-minute voyage, first recorded in 1969, he sings, shouts, improvises lines, delays and omits them, until he symbolically re-creates the sound of an unleashed lion within himself. It remains a considerable achievement.

I’ve played this tune on a loop for 3 days.  Here’s my new favorite Van Morrison song…enjoy!*

*Note: The video is a bit “disconnected” – live performance would have been preferred…

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Golden Autumn Day

…And I’m taking in the Indian Summer
And I’m soaking it up in my mind
And I’m pretending like it’s paradise
On a golden autumn day, on a golden autumn day
On a golden autumn day, on a golden autumn day, golden autumn day …

~ Van Morrison

Born to Sing: No Plan B

 Here’s a track from Van Morrison’s new album titled “Born to Sing: No Plan B.”

↓ click for audio (Van Morrison – “End of the Rainbow”)

Album Cover Source:

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Happy Birthday Bruce…

The Boss turns 63 today.  Here’s Bruce Springsteen with “I’m going down.”

Happy Birthday Van…

It’s Van Morrison’s 67th birthday today.  Here’s Van singing “High Summer.”

↓ click for audio




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Will you meet me, in the summertime, in England…

Another classic by Van Morrison…Just so very good.

Can you meet me in the country?  In the summertime in England. Will you meet me? We’ll go riding up to Kendal in the country.  In the summertime in England…They were smokin’ up in Kendal. By the lakeside.  Can you meet me in the country in the long grass. In the summertime in England. Will you meet me.  With your red robe dangling all around your body.  With your red robe dangling all around your body…Take a walk with me down by Avalon. And I will show you. It ain’t why, why, why. It just is. Would you meet me in the country. Can you meet me in the long grass. In the country in the summertime. Can you meet me in the long grass.  Wait a minute. With your red robe…Danglin’ all around your body.It ain’t why…It just is . . .That’s all. That’s all there is about it. It just is. Can you feel the light? I want to go to church and say. In your soul . . .Ain’t it high? Oh, my storytime one. Oh, my high in the art of sufferin’ one. Put your head on my shoulder . . .And you listen to the silence.

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