Witness a profoundly inextricable connection with all living things…

As we traversed rural India at the speed of a couple of miles per hour, it became clear how much we could learn simply by bearing witness to the villagers’ way of life. Their entire mental model is different—the multiplication of wants is replaced by the basic fulfillment of human needs. When you are no longer preoccupied with asking for more and more stuff, then you just take what is given and give what is taken. Life is simple again. A farmer explained it to us this way: “You cannot make the clouds rain more, you cannot make the sun shine less. They are just nature’s gifts—take it or leave it.”

When the things around you are seen as gifts, they are no longer a means to an end; they are the means and the end. And thus, a cow-herder will tend to his animals with the compassion of a father, a village woman will wait three hours for a delayed bus without a trace of anger, a child will spend countless hours fascinated by stars in the galaxy, and finding his place in the vast cosmos.

So with today’s modernized tools at your ready disposal, don’t let yourself zoom obliviously from point A to point B on the highways of life; try walking the back roads of the world, where you will witness a profoundly inextricable connection with all living things.

Nipun MehtaPATHS ARE MADE FOR WALKING: Four steps to take on the road of life, Parabola, Fall 2012.

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The moment you realize that you are currently happy…

ruineshumaines via danny o'conner artbydoc


n. the moment you realize that you’re currently happy—consciously trying to savor the feeling—which prompts your intellect to identify it, pick it apart and put it in context, where it will slowly dissolve until it’s little more than an aftertaste.






Sources: Quote – Thank you crashinglybeautiful via larmoyante.  Artist: Danny O’Conner via seattleinspired (thanks again)

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Day, you have gone…

greece nighttime picture

Day, you have gone
and done it again.

Joe Brainard
















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Photo of Cape of Sounio, Greece via wasbella102

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Sometimes everything…

Oregon desert by Marc Adamus

oh, I don’t know.

Joe Brainard















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Artist: “Oregon Desert” By Marc Adamus via anakegoodall

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Before you know kindness…

girl sorrow

“Before you know kindness as the deepest thing inside, you must know sorrow as the other deepest thing.”

Naomi Shihab Nye, the Great River













Quote Source: Thank you crashinglybeautifulImage Source: Thank you art42 via Crescentmoon

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Burn down that house…

high speed photos of exploding flowers“There are those who receive as birthright an adequate or at least unquestioned sense of self and those who set out to reinvent themselves, for survival or for satisfaction, and travel far. Some people inherit values and practices as a house they inhabit; some of us have to burn down that house, find our own ground, build from scratch, even as a psychological metamorphosis.”

– Rebecca Solnit, A Field Guide to Getting Lost





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