Sunday Morning


In all the mountains,
In the treetops
Not a breath of wind.
The birds are silent in the woods.
Just wait: soon enough
You will be quiet too.

~ Robert Hass, “After Goethe” from Time and Materials.

Credits: Photo – Wolerxne.  Poem – Nemophilies


  1. The wood do have a way of quieting the mind…..

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  2. Make that ‘woods’…time for a stronger pair of reading glasses. Sigh….

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  3. And, maybe for a moment, we can all be at peace.

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  4. This is actually a translation of a poem written by Goethe called ‘Wanderers Nachtlied’ [Wanderer’s Nightsong] which was voted the most beloved poem in German culture [by Germans of course].

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    A translation of the most beloved German poem of all time…

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    Sunday morning!!

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  7. I wonder what he means – that soon we’ll be dead?… or that we’ll be quiet like the birds are when there’s danger (like a hawk flying by will make all the birds stop singing)?


  8. lovely

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  9. the flow of life

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