SMWI*: About Right


The gray in your hair doesn’t make you old,
Nor the crow’s feet under your eyes, I’m told.
But when your mind makes a contract your body can’t fill,
You’re over the hill, brother, over the hill.

Mary E. Mitchell, 32 Easy Lessons in Metaphysics and the Science of our Mind

Notes: SMWI* = Saturday Morning Work-Out Inspiration. Image: Gifak. Quote – Thank you Steve @ Anderson Layman’s Blog


  1. Somedays I’m on top, and somedays on the bottom! Thanks for the laugh, David

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  2. Yikes!

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  3. i am in love with all things sumo. especially the 8 meals a day regimen.

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  4. Oh yuck! I’m going on a diet, starting right … maybe tomorrow.

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  5. Is Mary Mitchell saying that once I reach a certain age, even if I think I can, I can’t? If so, Game On, Mary, Game On!

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  6. Takes on a whole new meaning of the G-String ha 🙂

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  7. Christie says:

    Ouch! on hitting the mat. Different Strokes. The Sumo’s commitment to his craft … I’ve got to respect that. After a carb fueled morning I will go walking among the flowers like a I did yesterday, jacket-less .. ( I kinda have a love/hate relationship with carbs) Mary E. Mitchell, words — made me think ..when I am old I hope that I still have a nimble spryness in my step, that my heart is still young at heart, my mind wise and that the light of my soul is still giving…ps: passion that occupy me and some strong lungs to keep singing those tunes of Bille Holiday and Julie London –Kindly, Christie

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  8. OMG, lol.

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  9. Christie says:

    Perhaps, West Coast kids are kindred spirits? We did go walking in the forest, then on to gawk at a winery’s architecture. The winery has a pioneer graveyard on site We always walk through that scared spot and read the headstones & paid our respect. I noticed some amazing bright multi-ruffeled headed daffodils in a bed of thick, heavy moss – made me wonder how many decades they have been, gracing the graveyard.. (btw I lived across the street from a graveyard when I attended the University) So many great headstones and roses) We then drove the beautiful back-roads to a town of 5,000 to a wonderful favorite, Mexican Restaurant for a late lunch / early dinner. Yum on the carbs 🙂 and the garlicky prawns. Ten minutes later we were home…

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  10. Wonderful journey you took me on Christie!


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