5:00 PM Bell: Clear for take-off


Source: k-omakino



  1. My bags are packed!

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  2. Great shot! How did you get this picture! And did you tell the pilot to straighten it up a bit?

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  3. I just hope we are all going someplace sunny and warm. I’ve got enough sun-screen for all of us!!

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  4. Let’s Go!!

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  5. Interesting to see it from this angle, rather than squeezed into a seat inside a long cylinder with wings – thinking about these things because I have a flight to catch in a few hours. Thanks…

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  6. Awesome! I still find it amazing that those things fly! By the way, this morning my brother and I ran the inaugural 5K on the Runway at Fort Lauderdale International Airport. They literally closed down one of the runways for us. It was fantastic!

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