Boldly Go Mr. Spock



Image Source: larygo and mayangelsfall



  1. You’re messing with format? Sigh.

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  2. He rocks those wrinkles. Why can’t we keep wrinkles in our culture? He says so much without saying anything…

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  3. i trove this photo and i’ve always had a great love for nimoy. he will be missed by many.

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  4. “Live long and prosper.”

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  5. He is a loss to the industry and to his loved ones. I’m sure he has been “beamed up.”

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  6. michael zahaby says:

    Great voice

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  7. Sad to see old favourites leave us.

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  8. Definitely the end of an era. Beam peacefully, Mr. Spock.

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  9. noo better tribute…..

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  10. Christie says:

    When I’d see him smile, I liked the joy that filled his face.. When I’d see a still of him, motionless with his steely focus – he always commanded such a wonder in me of what adventures he experienced. Christie

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  11. Live long and prosper, Dave.

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  12. Christie says:

    I’d forgotten he was a photographer….I am choosing not to include the link to the article as some of the photos are nudes..he was very respectful of women.The selection of photo that I viewed today were taken in Black and While.I assume Mr. Nimoy .. liked the clarity & the discoveries that translate when one chooses black and white film medium….”Last week the world mourned the death of actor Leonard Nimoy.While instantly recognizably as Star Trek’s Spock, Nimoy was also a respected and prolific photographer. In the 1940s he turned the bathroom at his family home in Boston into a darkroom, before studying at UCLA and later getting an artist in residence status. Nimoy’s work has been exhibited in the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston and the Jewish Museum of New York; you can see a selection below, courtesy of R Michelson Galleries.” Matthew Champion

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