Running. In Confessional.

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I’m off.  35F. Feeling good.
It’s the day after Good Friday.
The title of LaDona’s post banging around in my head like a 50 Cent Rap song – – the tricked up Chevy heaving up and down to the beat:

This Place Was Made By God.
This Place Was Made By God.
This Place Was Made By God.

I look around.  Trees reflecting on the still waters of the Long Island Sound.  Sun’s up in its full magnificence.  Sky is a brilliant blue.  Who else could have made this?

She goes on.  This place was made by God, a priceless sacrament; it is without reproach.
(She’s so d*mn sure.)

And on.  The most sacred day in the Christian calendar, and indeed, in Christianity itself. Inspiration for stunning, poignant music across the centuries. Even if you don’t believe, or if you do and God seems far away, the music speaks. And touches. And heals.
(I’m right there with you Sister on the far away part.  And right there with you that the music speaks, touches and heals)

Then the mind, faster than a switchback on a BC mountain highway, turns to a conversation with a colleague on Thursday:

FB*: Plans for Easter weekend?
DK : None.
FB*: Are you a Christian?
DK : I was raised as a Spiritual Christian. A Doukhobor.
FB*: A what?
DK : Dou·kho·bor…pronounced doo-koh-bawr.
DK : Spiritual Christians seek God in “Spirit and Truth.”
FB*: Do you go to Church?
DK : The faith believes that “church is not within the logs, but within the ribs.”
FB*: So, no Church.
DK : Correct. The belief is that God’s presence is in every human being.
FB*: Prayers?
DK : Yes.
FB*: Priests? Ministers?
DK : The belief is that there is no need for clergy, icons, rituals or any conduit between man and God.
FB*: Do you have confessionals?
DK : I’m in confessional most of my waking moments.
FB*: I’m so glad to hear you believe in God.
DK : (Silence. Eyes avert.)
DK : The literal Russian to English translation for Doukhbor is “Spirit-Wrestlers.” I’m wrestling with it.

Time Check: 6.10 miles @ 59.08.  One minute off last week’s pace.  And it’s no wonder.  Exhausted with all of this God chatter.  Next time, Big Guy, maybe you can wait until I’m through with my run before you cram my head full of You…(with no disrespect intended).

Nap Time.

FB* = Friend who is a “Fervent Believer”


  1. Thank you.


  2. And yet in another way, you bested last week’s time – to consider the enormity of spirituality, the magnificence of the day, replay conversations of questionable comfort AND keep going? Yeah, you bested last week’s time.


  3. David ~ “I’m in confessional most of my waking moments.” 🙂 In my book, you have within you all of what anyone needs, and more. Have a good day my friend.


  4. Love this! ” I am in a confessional most of my waking moments” this will stick with me…


  5. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    Thank you.


  6. I have nominated you for,” most influential blogs of 2012″


  7. Thanks for that insight, David. I think a lot of people wrestle with these ideas.


  8. What a brave conversation. I’m constantly reminding myself to *breathe* when I’m with Fervent Believers, but they usually don’t quiz me like this. My intention is to listen and ask gentle questions.
    Of course, now I have to research Doukhobor. Spirit Wrestler seems just about right.


  9. What a lovely post. I have spiritual moments sometimes when I run, too. There’s something about the movement and being in nature, I guess. I’ve not heard of Doukhobor…sounds like a wonderful way to embrace spirituality. May you have a beautiful day, David! Rest the mind and body! 🙂


  10. I’ve never heard of Doukhobor before, David. Very interesting indeed. I think I also might be one without realising it. 🙂


  11. Doukhobor, so that’s what I am! Agnostic didn’t sit right with me (and Recovering Catholic is too cutesy!). Thanks for clarifying.


  12. [I laughed out loud at these two lines].
    FB*: I’m so glad to hear you believe in God.
    DK : (Silence. Eyes avert.
    But I must say you are right Dave GOD is everywhere and above all everyone has a differnt way of connecting with HIM. (:


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