The Beauty of the Irrational

Whether you run or not, this video is awe inspiring. It features South African Ultra-Runner Ryan Sandes running the 5-day, 84k Fish River Canyon Hiking Trail in Namibia, Africa.  You will find “epic scenery” coupled with inspiring narration by Sandes.  It certainly prodded me out the door on my mountain run this morning.  Thank you via explore-blog for the share.

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  1. Wow – he is amazing..the scenery is unbelievable. And to watch him run in these mountains leaves me breathless. Though I know he’s concentrating, there are times when he looks like he’s just being driven by sheer abandon..How cool to meet a zebra a long the way! I wold have to stop along the way (not just to catch my breath but to look out and marvel).


  2. It’s so beautiful


  3. The cameraman must be in the helicopter which would be the only place I would ever see those canyons from! Crazy, beautiful, but not for me.


  4. Amazing! Two things he said really stood out– “If you follow the same steps you’ll be making the same mistakes” and “I couldn’t do this on my own.”. Powerful takeaways for me….


  5. David, stunning, amazing. I am returning to trail running after a couple of years layoff after injury. Inspires me. Sandes is an amazing athlete and an introspective guy. Thanks for sharing this.



  6. Great way to start Saturday morning. Very inspirational and great words of wisdom to remind us all. Thanks!


  7. Nice film and this is a film – great filmmaking and editing. As such, art and inspiration from the run. I loved it. My legs hurt a bit less (from bike riding) after watching this run. His commentary is very good and wise stuff. He really focused on the journey and yea, nice to beat a record too.
    – Michael


  8. Wow! Absolutely inspiring. My mind immediately went to other examples of believing in the irrational. The rational mind used to believe man would never fly or walk on the moon. It takes courage to quiet the rational and take a different path but great things happen when we do.


  9. you will really love my futur post on my blog love 🙂 that is a good teasing no? i’ll inform you when i will puplish it and you will understand what i ‘ve meaned ! by the way, your post is just another proof that human is more than a body !!! magical 🙂


  10. Stunning! Now I need to for a run..and wish I could run with my eyes closed…so I could imagine this as my route instead of what I’ve got!


  11. Wow, what a brave soul, I did a 5k today along the Potomac today and thought I was brave 🙂


  12. Beautiful photography, but at times I was so fearful for the runner. I will be touring the Grand Canyon at the end of the month and I hope to see some amazing area as well but with my feet well planted on the ground. Thanks for sharing.



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