Sunday Morning: Take a walk back to childhood…

Playing outside, skipping stones, drinking water from a stream, walking with stick, no worries about time – all warm childhood memories. And this set in a stunning Icelandic landscape to Bon Iver’s music.

Good Sunday Morning.

BON IVER “Holocene” from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

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  1. What a gorgeous video!! I was so hypnotized by this beautiful little boy, I have to listen to the music again. You are just too cool David – I will forever be awed by your knowledge of different musicians and groups. I bow..


  2. As dorky as this is gonna sound, I love the fact that this child is out in nature, enjoying himself, entertaining himself, just being a KID–no electronic aids required… He’s beautiful and he seems so grounded. Ok, clearly, I’m in a mood. Good grief….


  3. I loved this. To me, there is nothing that brings back your childhood more than an image of skipping stones. The boy clearly appreciates all that he has and certainly takes advantage of the beauty that surrounds him. Wish we could all enjoy the simple pleasures with such joy.


  4. lkanigan says:

    Many flashbacks this morning as I watch. Feel blessed to have grow up in an environment similar to video. Thanks Dave for reminding me of great memories.


  5. That was beautifully refreshing.


  6. Wow..that is stunning, leaves a wonderful image in my mind for the day…


  7. Alex Jones says:

    I liked the house the boy came from; and if he was wearing just that jumper, that would be something I would like to get hold of for this winter.


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