Saturday Afternoon with Ari Hest…





















Easing out of a lazy Saturday afternoon, here’s Ari Hest and a smooth rendition of an old Fleetwood Mac favorite: Tell Me Lies.

↓ click for audio (Tell Me Lies – Ari Hest)

Image: Madame Scherzo via

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  1. Perfect King!!! You really deserve a vacation…to Paris…;-)


  2. Whoa! This is like one of a kind, so original! 🙂


  3. Sure hope that umbrella doesn’t turn inside out. Be just my luck!


  4. I love this. Makes me think of my granddaughter and Madeline from Ludwig Bemelmans’ books.


  5. David, You are one creative writer keep up the great work. Love how you tie others work into your work a blessing for sure.


  6. Perfect pairing once again.


  7. Love this, David, and I generally don’t think others do Fleetwood Mac better than Fleetwood Mac. Great find. The King is not only omnipotent but apparently omniscient as well. 🙂


    • I had to look up the 2 omni’s (unlimited power; unlimited knowledge). No, not close. But thank you for considering me in the same breath as these two powerful words. I did love Hest’s rendition of the song. And I, like you, don’t find covers often measure up to the original. This one does seem to hit the mark.


  8. Love this rendition of Tell me lies! Very soothing. The illustration is great as well! Kind of like that cartoon with the little girl Madeline, except with monsters staring out the window! Thanks for sharing!


  9. …..and another Russel Ray camping trip comes to an end………………..Hope all is well.


  10. By the way…love the Ari Hest song as well. Great interpretation.


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