Work-Out Inspiration: Thigh bone connected to the…

30 seconds of work-out inspiration…

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  1. Did you see how many tires he jumped up on???? That’s the entire length of me!!! Love the song and the rhythm with which it was sung…


  2. Ok, feeling like I need to “up my game” now. Wonder where I left that parachute the other day…. 😉


    • Up your game? You are already speed walking that stair-thing that goes in a “doom-loop” and never ends. Could there possibly be an more “up” than that?


      • LMAO….you’re right, I am addicted to that damn Jacob’s Ladder, I admit it. The other morning the gym owner asked me how “high” I was going that day so that he could notify air traffic control. ;-). I fear I’m starting to get a bit of a reputation….


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