The tip of a black court shoe peeking through a half-open door


What do you see above?
Don’t ask me how long I stared at this illustration by René Gruau trying to figure it out.
Consolation was offered when no one else in the household could figure it out either.
And then, I did a bit of scouting…

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Energy and Fluidity

“I hand drew every frame of this using Microns and composited them onto brown paper.” (HE HAND DREW “EVERY” FRAME…)

“The goal was to capture the energy and fluidity that goes into the sport of basketball.”  (And boy, did he accomplish this beautifully…)

This time slot on on Saturdays is customarily reserved for running shoe company ads, bangin’ music and related clips for work-out inspiration.  Not this time.  In a minute and a half, Eric Funk inspires us to move with his art.

MicMac Lane from Eric Funk on Vimeo.

Eyvind Earle’s Magic Realism…

Eyvind Earle (Artist); Magic Realism (Style); Titles: “Big Sur” (1991). “Valley” (1974). “Autumn Sunset” (1987)

Eyvind Earle (1916 – 2000) was an American artist, author and illustrator.  He was noted for his contribution to the background illustration and styling of Disney animated files in the 1950s.”  See link below for more magic and big color…

Source: Eyvind Earlie @ – “Big Sur” (1991). “Valley” (1974). “Autumn Sunset” (1987)

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Take me back down memory lane…

Rob Firchau’s blog @ The Hammock Papers, is a frequent stop. His recent post highlights one of James Young’s sketches which catapulted me back to my youth – farming, fields, barns, trees, birds, streams and tranquility.  I find his art to be simple (in the finest sense of this word), serene and soothing.  James is an artist from Alexandria, Ohio. You can find his portfolio at this link.  And his WordPress blog can be found at

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Prints by Squirrell…





















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Illustrations by Alexandra Huard…

Alexandra Huard is an illustrator from Lyon, France.  Check out more of her remarkable illustrations and watercolors at her blog at this link.

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A Tribute: Where the Wild Things Are…

Sendak, in his quote below, summarizes my operating philosophy.

I’m certainly not the most intelligent leader. (Thundering applause in the stadium from my team – – in complete agreement.)

And, not the best strategic operator.  Or even possess average analytical skills compared to the crackerjacks I’m surrounded by. (Roof coming off stadium  – Team giddy in agreement.)

However.  However, as to fierce honesty” – FIERCE HONESTY, there’s no doubting the boss on his proclamation of competence in this area. (You can now hear a pin drop.  With murmurs and grumbling oozing out of the rafters.)

Don’t let your team down.

Don’t let your team members get unfairly punished.

Don’t let your team “be dealt with a boring, simpering, crushing-of-the-spirit kind of way.”

In other words, L-E-A-D.

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