Take me back down memory lane…

Rob Firchau’s blog @ The Hammock Papers, is a frequent stop. His recent post highlights one of James Young’s sketches which catapulted me back to my youth – farming, fields, barns, trees, birds, streams and tranquility.  I find his art to be simple (in the finest sense of this word), serene and soothing.  James is an artist from Alexandria, Ohio. You can find his portfolio at this link.  And his WordPress blog can be found at jamesyoungartist.com.

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  1. Love the red barn. Takes me back a few years.


  2. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    Mmmm- just add the grain elevators – which are, alas, rapidly vanishing.
    Then there was the downside – the month of August spent canning and freezing all the darn fruit brought back home from the Okanagan every summer – and endless evenings shelling peas at 5 cents/cup – OK, maybe city life is better after all.


    • We’d go to Okanagan every summer too (Penticton, Kelowna). Beautiful. But I didn’t shell peas!


      • LaDona's Music Studio says:

        No doubt you had your share of work even less pleasant than shelling peas.
        We always camped close to Penticton – and sometimes the fruit was so ripe we spent the days MAKING JAM – AT THE CAMPSITE! Yup – memories…


  3. There’s something about a barn. Everyone loves them.


  4. lkanigan says:

    Does it take you back enough to want to chase the cows in the hills and clean the chicken coup? LoL.


  5. Love this artist’s work, David! I grew up in Central Illinois, surrounded by acres of corn and beans for as far as the eye can see, and scenes such as these were commonplace. He does a beautiful job of capturing the beauty of the simple life without being maudlin.


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